An Alien Night

I tried to fall asleep to the rain patting on my window, gently knocking to get my attention. My curtains were slightly parted and the moon stared at me with the white of its face, and I thought I could see a face among its shadowed craters. It was like the night was calling me outside, and without my mind’s consent, my feet pulled me out of bed and to the front door. I opened the door and the cold wind hit me like a car, knocking me back a little. The cold whipped up around my ankles and blew up the skirt of my night dress. The houses in my street were all blacked out like an air raid as I walked down the centre of the road, concentrating on forcing my feet to follow the painted white lines. The rain had cleared the moment I stepped out of my house, as if welcoming me into the cold twilight.

Beyond my suburban street is a park, hidden from the masses and never crowded, devoid of dog poo or noisy children, and I found myself following the squeak of its gates and onto the dew-gemmed grass that covered it.

The moon was large and white in the dark of the sky with twinkling stars brushed around it, a thin veil of a cloud masking its face. The grass was covered in the morning dew, which reflected the dazzling light of the moon which itself was reflected in the vast lake to the south, making it look like the park was standing on a cosmic expanse of mirror and the whole sky was reflected in the clear glass beneath it. To the East a thickening cloud crept slowly over the park’s thicket, as yet unseen in the mirror below, black with the rain it carried. The grass glinted an azure blue in the moonlight, and fell in wave-like hills that seemed to stretch for miles before ending abruptly at the black cityscape behind them; the dewdrops on each green petal sparkled in the white light, seeming like stars in an alien blue-green sky.

The cold was biting at my heels, but still I felt the need to advance towards the mirrored lake. Whatever had kept me awake that night left me as my feet took me into the freezing waters and my neck pushed my head to look to the stars where lights flashed on and off like flickering stars. I felt the water move around my calves, then the tips of my toes left the cold water as I rose and waited for what lay in wait.

The End

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