An Alcoholic's AffairMature

His touch was too eager.

Almost as if he was afraid

She would evaporate into thin air.

She wanted to.

But she laid there instead

as he murmured drunken slurs into her ear.

She could taste the bitter fluid on his tongue.

He never seemed to want her when he was sober anymore.

It made her feel utterly repulsive.

Was it her unsatisfactory performance

that had driven him to his alcoholism?

Or had her looks deteriorated so rapidly

that the thought of touching her was sickening?

Perhaps this is why his movements were always so rushed now.

He wanted to get it over with.

Maybe he no longer enjoyed it

but saw it as a right of passage he had worked so hard to earn

he felt obliged to indulge. 

Frankly, she no longer cared

to know the answer to these questions.

She felt his body convulsing on top of her -

a sign that he was close.

So she closed her eyes

and clenched her jaw.

"It'll be over soon" she thought.

The End

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