Another joins

“I don’t have one”

“You don’t have one?”

“No, I am just Rias”

He looked at her derisively, “well nice to meet you Rias, I’m Corvus, Corvus Umbranox.”  

“Well Corvus mind telling me why you just fell from the sky?”

“Sure, but I have two conditions” “You can't make conditions!” said the Captain “You are our prisoner!”

“Yeah well if you want to know why I just fell out of the sky you'll listen to me” “Or I can just beat it out of you!” He said smugly.

“Hold on captain” Rias said “what are your conditions?” “Well first I would like this monkey to get his paws off of me” Rias laughed slightly “ Then I would like something to eat I haven't eaten in days” Rias laughs more loudly “ hahaha okay you have got yourself a deal”

“Why are you making a deal with this fool? when I can just beat it out of him?”

“Because it is a lot simpler to feed a man and get the information we want, then try to beat it out of him. And as you said earlier we have to reach Burma by noon so we don’t have time for you to waste time by beating him to a pulp.”

Corvus pulled the Captains foot of his chest then rolled up and puts his arm around her and said “Thanks Rias you are a life saver”.

“Get your hands off of her!” yelled the Captain. “Sorry” he said as he lifted his hands off of her and into the air slightly above his head. He then spun around, pointed  down the road, and pronounced “Follow me” with a smirk on his face,  The captain then grabbed his hands and tied them together with the rope he had in his belt. Akash and Baurus snickered quietly in the back until the Captain threw them a glance silencing them up.

“Now sit!” Corvus flopped onto the ground and laid with his hands behind his head. “Where are we going to find food for this hooligan?” talking to Rias “Well we will probably have to take him to Burma with us, it’s only over the next hill to the town.” said Rias. “Well the sooner we can get rid of this kid the better!”

“Hold on” Akash interjected “do you mind if we accompany you to Burma?” Sure its fine, the more the merrier” Corvus said gleefully as he jumped back up.

“Shut up you!” he yelled at Corvus, I already told you guys that you can't as we can’t have anyone slow us down.” “Well unless you have an extra horse or plan to share one with Corvus, I don't think we will slow you down at all since he will have to walk it.”

The Captain just realizing this grunted “Hurry up and grab your damn cart”. Akash smiled then he and Baurus ran back to their cart and brought it up to the rest of the group. “Well guys this is  going to be fun let the journey begin”  Corvus exclaimed as he began to walk forward “ Quiet you!” the captain yelled again “and stop trying to lead things, you walk in the middle of the group so we can keep an eye on you.”

“Man you sure have a lot of rules” Corvus said with a frown. “No we don't you are just an Idiot”. Is he always like this?” Corvus said to Rias. “And no talking either!” yelled the captain. Rias laughed quietly and nodded.




The End

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