The Mysterious Boy

When they approached they noticed several things. First they noticed that the Rider was not a man like the others but a woman and at that a young women probably in her late teens probable around 5 foot 5 with short blonde hair and a mix of red and orange colored eyes, they looked like flames. She was wearing a completely different set of clothes than her counterparts. She had on a red renaissance blouse with gold trimmed stitching up the middle with several buttons in the middle, with no sleeves. Underneath it she had a slightly baggy white shirt and a red sash wrapped around her waist. With red leggings and white boots with a gold cross on the front and heavy red trim.

The second thing that they noticed was that the thing that had hit her was not an object but was in fact a man who looked not much older if at all older than the girl. He had brown messy hair with brown eyes stood around 5 foot 4 and weighed about 120lbs, and was relatively well toned. The teen was wearing dark brown boots with tan pants looped with a matching brown leather belt. And he had a lion’s skin as a cloak with his head inside its mouth and the mane running down his back with its front paws over his shoulder.

The man with the lion cloak was on the ground laughing “Hahaha, sorry miss, I tried to yell for you to get out of the way but apparently that didn’t-”

“Silence you damn barbarian” as the Captain pinned him to the ground with his boot and put a sword to his neck. “How dare you try and attack us! You take us for weaklings?  I shall make you regret your decision here and now!” He started to bring his sword back, when the women on the ground said” hold it Captain Rellyan.”

She stood up brushed herself off a little bit then walked towards the strange adolescent and crouched down and said “what is your name boy?” “Not sure who you are calling boy miss and isn't it more polite to introduce yourself first?”

“How dare you talk to her like that?” The Captain interrupted as he pressed his foot harder onto the boy. The girl gave the captain a sharp glare and he lightened up his weight and pulled his sword away.

“My apologies, my name is Rias” the girl said Corvus Responded “Rias what?”

“She looked at him confused for a moment “What?”

“Well you said your name was Rias, but what is your surname?”


The End

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