“Yeah unless they just wanted to have our loot for themselves” “Gahahahahah” A large man laughed as he rode up on a horse “We don't mean to harm you, we were just on our way to the next town and had heard there were bandits on this road so we decided to sue you as a lure for them”.

“Well thanks, but don't you think you could have got here before we started to fight?” “Sorry about that we lost you when you went over that bend and didn’t realize you were being attacked until we heard the clash of swords and sound of yelling” he replied mildly

“Yeah well I guess we owe you one” Said Akash.

“Gahahaha you do not need to worry as we are protectors of the people” He smiled with a sparkle in his eye “we are part of the Revolutionary army”

“Quiet Delmar!” A man rode up behind him on a horse with black hair combed slightly over to the side and a strong angled face, wearing iron colored armor with studded shoulders and a black leather body underneath. He had a brass bird embroidered on his chest plate, with his sword on his left side all covered by a brown cloak with a large circular shield on his back.

He had several other riders then come up behind him all wearing the similar gear as him.

“Don't tell these strangers who we are! Just accept their gratitude and let’s move we have to get to Burma by nightfall.”

“Sorry Captain, But don't you think that we should at least take them with us?”

“We can’t have them slow us down, and we already took care of the bandits on this route so they will be okay as long as they stay on the road.”

Sorry looks like we are in a hurry-” When all of a sudden you could hear screaming from above “ahhhhhhhhhhhh”. Delmar paused and started to look into the sky from wear the voice came as did several other. Suddenly Akash saw something fall out of the corner of his eye right onto one of the soldiers in the back of the pack, knocking them of their horse and down the side of the hill.

Everyone froze for a moment and tried to register what had just happened, and then the commander took off towards the fallen rider with everyone else following a few moments behind. The object and rider tumbled down the hill where they finally rolled to a stopped at the bottom. Akash and Baurus followed the group in seeing what had happened to the soldier.

The End

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