Riders Aapproach

then killed him. The other bandits that were fighting him froze and began to back up as they realized that he had exceptional skill much more than they had originally anticipated. Akash realizing that they were starting to back off lowered his guard for a second, but was then hit from behind in the side of the head knocking him several feet to his left and making him black out.

When Baurus saw Akash get hit and go down he leaped off the wagon in which he was using to fight against several opponents and took off after the large man tackling him to the ground. But he was much stronger than him so he pinned Baurus to the ground in a near instant. Baurus was pinned to the ground by the leader of the bandits and Akash was just regaining consciousness to swords at his throat. Akash could have potentially broken free except his vision was blurred and darkened after getting hit. “Bring me my sword” spat the large man who was pining Baurus to the ground. One of his subordinates to his right picked up his sword and handed it to him. “You think that you two kids could beat us?” He boasted to Baurus “We would have let you live if you would have just handed over the money”. He then raised his sword to kill Baurus when suddenly Akash could hear the sound of something off in the distance, some of the bandits began to hear something to and turned to look where it was coming from. Akash turned his head to look down the road from where the sound was coming from.  The man holding Baurus paused for a moment and listened as he heard something to. He then looked over, when “swoosh” an arrow shoot through the air and pierced him right in his chest. He looked down towards his chest with almost a disbelief look on his face as blood began to rush out of the wound in his, and he fell over dead. Then several figures came riding in on horses from around the bend and started to attack the bandits with lightning speed cutting through their ranks like butter. The outlaws were so overwhelmed by the appearance and ferocity of the riders that they could were unable to fight back and attempted to flee but all of them were cut down. It was then all over in a few moments.

Akash having regained his bearing picked up his sword and rushed over to Baurus. “You okay?” “Yeah, I’m fine, just a little bumped and bruised, how about you?” Baurus remarked “Yeah I’m fine, my head is just spining a little, and who are these guys on the horses? “I was just about to ask you the same; they killed the guys attacking us so that makes them good in my book.”

The End

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