then pivoting of his left foot and leaping into the air swinging his sword down into the right side of the man’s neck slicing through his torso cutting him in half.

The other two swordsman in which Baurus had fought earlier seeing this stopped in their tracks and hesitated a moment on whether they should still try and kill Baurus or wait for more assistance to arrive. This gave Baurus’s a chance to try and catch his breath and to look behind him and see how Akash was holding up. He saw that he had already taken down three men and was about to take down his fourth. “We may actually be able to come out of this alive” Baurus thought to himself as he smiled. He then saw the large man who had originally attacked Akash start heading towards him, as he saw that his minions were not skilled enough to take down their opponent. He was coming up from behind in Akash’s blind spot. Baurus was about to yell behind him, but then he saw movement out of the corner of his eye and raised his sword just in time to block an opponent charging onwards him pinning him up against the cart. The swordsman he had knocked to the ground earlier with a hard cross was now face to face with him, while his buddy and one other where standing right behind him. But his opponent had gotten to close so Baurus kneed him right in his stomach forcing him to back off, but Baurus couldn't go for the kill as his allies were right behind him. Baurus then swung himself onto the wagon and looked over at Akash who was about 30 feet away.

Akash having taken down four opponents now still had five or six still attacking him and was able to dodge and clock the attacks but was having a hard time landing any blows of his own, because as soon as he would go for a strike he would have several bandits all at once go after him, and he wouldn't have enough time to block or dodge their attacks. He was stuck on the defense until he intentionally left his left side upon so that one of his aggressors would go for it, one of them took the bait and when they went for the lung. Akash bowed and the attack nicked the cloth on his left shoulder, he then raised his left arm up and wrapped it around his opponent's attacking arm and twisted disarming his opponent and dislocating his elbow, his opponent groaned in pain but it was silenced when Akash then jabbed his sword right into his opponent, then pivoted off his left foot spinning to his right then throwing his opponent into another oncoming attacker. He then punched on the man that was pinned to the ground and put his sword right through his neck, and then spun block several attacks from one other open

The End

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