first and swung a hard downward slash Baurus ducked left and the sword swung over his head the swordsmen now had his right side open so Baurus landed a hard left cross on the man’s cheek knocking him over the ground, and immediately followed it up by pivoting off his foot and spinning to land an incredibly hard hit on the second bandit which was only a few steps behind the first. His opponent was barely able to get in a position to block when their swords locked. The assailant was not in a strong enough position to completely block Baurus strong hit so was knocked to the ground with his sword flying out of his hand. Baurus then tried to go after the man he had knocked to the man but was intercepted by a large man with two axes. He wasn’t wearing a shirt but only animal skin pants and leather boots. He had several scars across his chest and had an ugly square face, with a large nose. He smiled over at Baurus with only a handful of teeth in his mouth and then yelled and began his assault upon him with a barrage of crazy and unpredictable swings.

Akash having an attacker charge straight at him blocked the first several jabs, and then ducked when his opponent went for a wide slash leaving his chest completely exposed. Akash seeing this speedily ducked to dodge the swipe then lunged his sword into his attackers gut, not as soon as he had put his sword into his opponent's innards  was he pulling it back out, as hearing footsteps from behind him he spun quickly and sliced off the man’s head behind him.

Baurus unable to counter against his opponent’s ferocious barrage of attacks was losing ground quickly and was forced up against the cart. His opponent then swung one of his axes hard at Baurus’s left shoulder; he slid to his right escaping with only a minor graze on his arm. But his opponent had gotten one of his axes lodged in the cart from the attack, instead of trying to pull it out he decided to try and use it as an advantage by swinging the axe in his left hand at Baurus essentially trapping him. But Baurus was much faster than the bandit realized and had ducked under his right arm and moved directly behind him. The bandit realizing his mistake too late was still in the process of swinging his axe down when Baurus stabbed behind him right into the large mans back, making the man yell with pain. Realizing that would not be enough to stop the brute he quickly retracted his sword rotated it in his hand and swung backwards in a large arc right into the man’s left shoulder slicing his arm clear from his body. He followed all this up by

The End

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