be allowed to on our way?” The large man looked at him for a moment then waved his hand and Baurus went to go pick up the chest while Akash fixed the supplies that had been ransacked through. The bandits started to move away from the cart several went to the woods while a few others stepped back and watched Akash and Baurus. Baurus with the chest in his hands piped to Akash “I’ll grab the sack over their” indicating to the sack of flour that one of the bandits knocked out of the cart when they were rummaging through it.  He then proceeded to hand the chest over to Akash, but Akash had other supplies in his hands.  Baurus did not realize this as he was looking over to his right at the sack of flour on the ground, and by the time he realized that Akash was not grabbing the chest it was too late as he was already letting go of it. Akash realizing what had happened quickly tried to grab the chest but it was too late and the chest fell straight down  and hit the ground with a thud. They both looked straight down at it and froze for a moment wide eyed and with their mouths hanging open. Several of the bandits peeked over to see what had fallen. The chest was still intact and the fake bottom had not opened, both Akash and Baurus let out a sigh of relief, but as soon as they did the bottom compartment ejected out exposing the gold hidden under the chest.

They both hesitated and looked each other for a moment as several of the bandits-seeing the gold in the chest-lunged towards them.  The largest man being one of the first people to realize what had happened, had already pulled his sword above his head and taken a step forward by the time Akash snapped out of his shock and realized what was happening. He just had enough time to draw his sword as the man swung mightily down at him.

He then yelled  “Kill them and take their supplies!” Three men rushed at Baurus while two others rushed Akash. Akash pushed the large man off of him just in time to jump back to to dodge a surging lunge from one of the bandits. He had just landed on his when he saw out of the corner of his eye a man behind him swing his sword in a slash . He landed softly on his feet crouched down, he then saw the shadow of a man right behind him and rolled to his right making his opponent smack his sword against the ground with a ring.

Baurus’s when seeing Akash under attack drew immediately his sword and spun to face the bandits that were heading his way. There were three that were heading right towards him. Two with swords and one man with two axes one in each hand. One of the  swordsmen reached him

The End

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