The Bandits

“ Yeah, well we can’t do that because the cart has the village's tax money in it” said Baurus.

“It looks like there are about eight but my guess is that several of them have been tracking us for a few miles. So let’s say that there are twelve enemies at most, think we can take on twelve guys?”

Then a few of the men blocking the road began to walk towards them slowly.

“ Well what option do we have” Baurus breathed.

Then the largest man still sitting on the downed tree bellowed “ What are you carrying?”

Baurus almost immediately responded “Seed and other farming supplies, nothing that is of much value”.

The man then replied “why don't you bring it up here so I can see for myself?”

“Guess we don't have much of a choice” said Baurus as he started the horse towards the men.

“Cross your fingers they don’t check the chest” Baurus muttered silently.

They approached the men and the largest man spoke “you don't mind do you?” pointing to the cart.

“ No help yourself” Baurus said casually. The large man glared at him then said “Check the cart” two of the men headed to the back of the cart untied the strings and drew back the tarp. Both men began searching through the cart digging through their supplies. The slightly shorter man began to check the smaller sacks, he grabbed a bag of bread looked at it for a moment then set it back down. He then picked up the bag of flour covering the gold and felt it to see if it had any hidden contents. The larger of the two men opened up the large chest and began to inspect the contents of it. Both Baurus and Akash held their breath while the man was searching through the chest hoping that he didn't realize it had a false bottom. The man searching the chest then stood up and froze.  

Then he angrily said “They are telling the truth boss all they have are seeds and a few farming supplies” and kicked over the chest. It rolled over several times and land on its side with a loud thud.  Akash closed his eyes and Baurus wide eyed watched it as it flew several feet and then hit the ground with a loud thud and rolled over on its side. as  Akash opened his eyes slowly and glanced quickly over at the chest it was intact only slightly beat up from the kick, with the compartment luckily still closed and hidden from the bandits. Both Baurus and Akash let out a small sigh of relief. Baurus then boasted “As you can see we have nothing valuable, so may we

The End

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