The Argument

Akash “Shut it Baurus, you may be a good swordsmen but there's always someone better.” “Yes, Yes I know, but you Akash are the best I have ever seen”

“Yeah well I have been practicing for a long time, and I have never have had to fight against anyone well trained, like a soldier”

“Even so, I bet you could beat most of the soldiers in the army; as we used to be the strongest nation on the continent by a long shot, no one would dare oppose us, now its a close toss up between us and the eastern empire and people are begging to talk that the eastern empire may be stronger.”

“Ha what people do you know?”

“Well I heard some men talking about it at the capital when we where out at the market”

Akash glanced over at him.

“And I also heard men at the inn at a few nights back talk off it”

Akash ignored his comment and look around at the green landscape “Spring is such a wonderful time of year, the birds are singing the grass is green and the trees are just beginning to blossom.”

Baurus chuckled “What are you a poet now?”

“No just someone who enjoys the little things in life.” Akash responded nonchalantly.

They walked quietly for a few seconds then Baurus looked over at Akash “ So are you telling me that you would never want greatness in your life? You just want to live as a peasant forever?”

Akash nodded “Being a peasant is a simple life you aren't going to be sucked into wars, diplomatic negotiations, or have to give speeches in front of the Empire, with people always watching your moves. I like the simple life.”

           Then Baurus stopped the cart and said “ Well you’re lifes about to get a whole lot more complicated, because you were right we are being watched”

Akash confused looked ahead and saw what Baurus was looking at. Several men armed with spears and swords sitting on a downed tree blocking the road. They noticed Akash and Baurus almost immediately after Baurus noticed them and stood up.

“Where about 100m away from them” Akash muttered so we could most likely outrun them except then we would lose the cart”


The End

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