The Beggining

This is a tale about Knights, Dragons, Princesses, Barbarians, Pirates, Wizards and everything in between. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

The Beginning

Do you have the feeling we’re being watched?” Akash said as they walked along the dirt road.

“Ha-ha no you are just being paranoid, you probably just aren't used to this nice spring weather, after that terrible winter” Baurus responded.

"It was a long one" said Akash he adjusted the horse’s harness to the cart "I'm glad it’s over."

"As am I” Baurus paused “we luckily had enough food to last, But I doubt we could have been able to last much longer. “Though I don’t know if we will be able to keep paying these taxes. This years tax cost us nearly everything we had, we barely had enough money left over to repair the warehouse. And on top of that we have to deliver the taxes to the Capital itself otherwise they charge us more for having to come and pick us up.”

Akash yawned “Well the capital is a nice place to visit as long as you stay near the palace or the market”

“It used to be nice wherever you went.” Burus responded.

“Well that was way before either of us were around”

“Now it’s crooked and corrupt as it can be-”

Akash cut him off “Shh you know one is not supposed to criticize the capital or they will be imprisoned for treason”

“Ha! Who cares there is no one even around here besides us and this damn dirt road. And why can’t we criticize them, when they are doing such a bang up job?” Baurus remarked.

“Because if we do criticize them and they hear us they will come and kill us, and it’s just how the world works, you dont question the Capital or King.”

“Well unless you’re with the with the rebels.” Baurus added

“The rebels are crazy I don't know any sane person who would want to fight against the capital, it’s a hopeless cause.”

“Well, I think that joining them would be fun” as he drew his sword and swung it a few times in the air, pretending he was attacking an opponent. “And someone with my skills would advance quickly in the ranks.”


The End

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