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   Willow refused to wake up, she didn’t want to face what the day would bring, it could not be good and how could it be good since the night had been perfect. She screwed her eyes tight shut, hoping for sleep to claim her. Her wish was not granted, sleep did not come and she could feel the emptiness behind her where Jessie should have been. Fed up of faking sleep and unable to lie still for another second, Willow forced her mind to accept Jessie’s choice. It seemed impossible, there was no way she could let go of Jessie and still be the same person. Having just admitted it to herself she now had to let go of Jessie for her own good.

   The bond between them could only grow, there was no other option. Her world seemed brighter and the very room felt blissful from her presence and Willow now faced the impossible. Raking the very depths of her mind, Willow searched for the strength she needed to accomplish this task except she ended up running away from the knowledge that she had to have Jessie in her life, in such a short amount of time Willow had come to depend upon Jessie.

   Her mind then raced over all her time with Jessie from first hearing her voice that very first day to skating through the park, their water fight with the kitchen staff at work that lead to Mrs. Williams ordering everyone to work extra hours to them having a sleepover at Gavin’s house. A single tear fell across her face as she lay, lost in the comforting memories. Willow quickly wiped the tear away and sat up, mentally scolding herself for lingering on something she can’t have. Out of the corner of her eye, Willow noticed she was not alone.

   By the large window, leaning against the wall so she could observe the street through the partially opened blinds, stood Jessie. She must have heard Willow moving because she glanced toward her with that perfect smile of hers and all but whispered good morning. For the first time Willow was seeing Jessie completely relaxed, none of the daily activities had been able to wear away at her energy and the light coming in from the window, transforming her skin into gold and highlighting her smile even more. At some point while Willow had still been asleep, Jessie had taken a shower since she was wearing nothing but a dressing gown long enough to cover her knees, drops of water were still trickling down her smooth legs.

   The desire Willow had for Jessie before was like a pin prick compared to the burning she was feeling now. Although she now wanted to throw away every and any thought of simply standing aside to allow Jessie to continue being happy with her boyfriend, deep down she knew it was Jessie’s decision to make.

   Taking a deep breath to steady herself and to clear her head of thoughts turning her mouth dry, Willow looked at Jessie again, her stomach twisting inside out and her hands began to shake as courage failed her. “I can’t do it.” Willow realized, Jessie switched her attention from the window to Willow, confused and concern at her declaration. “I can’t Jess, I just can’t...” In a matter of seconds, Jessie had swept across the room to be at Willow’s side while asking Willow to explain what she had meant by her statement.

   “I know it’s up to you on who you chose and I don't stand a chance against what you have with -” Willow’s voice broke, she couldn't bring herself to even say his name; this pause was enough time for Jessie to realize what Willow was struggling with. “Just promise me, please, that you’ll remain my matter -” Her voice broke again, only this time Willow couldn't spare the energy to continue, she needed it to fight back tears. "Will..." Jessie hummed her friend's name, touched by Willow's emotions and she climbed onto the sofas and pulled Willow into her arms.

   Willow buried her head into the soft dressing gown, grateful to hide her tear drenched face from view and to have Jessie's arms around her once more. They remained there, Jessie holding Willow's shuddering form in her arms, comforting Willow while harmlessly teasing her about getting so worked up and held her closer to her body until she calmed down and tilting Willow's face towards her, Jessie then wiped away her tears and kissed her forehead. "Come here you." Jessie said, leaning back across the sofa, pulling Willow on top of her. Willow moaned contently and buried her head into Jessie's shoulder. "You better now?" Jessie queried, letting her hand slide through her hair and down along her spine.

   Her eyes shut and a smile across her face, Willow simply nodded while running her hand across Jessie's body, savoring the soft dressing gown beneath her fingers. Jessie's stomach muscles contracted violently beneath her fingers as she rested her hand on Jessie's stomach.

"Sensitive..." Jessie mumbled an explanation, knowing all too well that Willow would not be satisfied with anything she told her anyway. Willow moved off Jessie so she was now lying beside her and before Jessie could stop her, Willow had undone the dressing gown fastening.

   If she had not been set on finding out how serious Jessie's injuries were, Willow would have taken more personal enjoyment at having Jessie before her as she was although Willow found that her eyes were glued upon Jessie's stomach, her flawless skin was stained with black and yellow bruises. Willow glanced at Jessie, "sensitve." she repeated doubtfully before turning her attention back to the bruised area. Jessie flicked her dressing gown back over, conclealing her stomach from view but made no attempt to secure the robe in place, waiting for Willow's outburst - it never came. "What is it then?" Jessie asked, unable to take the pitous look in Willow's eyes a second longer.

   "You could have told me." Willow murmered softly, slideing her arm back over Jessie, carefully avoiding her stomach and letting it rest just below her chest, her fingertips playing with the dressing gown while part of her mind toyed with the idea of pulling it off again. Jessie's face went blank for a moment as she became lost deep within her thoughts while Willow watched her friend carefully. "Come back to me." Willow muttered while leaning in closer so that her lips brushed against Jessie's, snapping her out of her trail of thought.

   "I never left you." Jessie replied and kissed Willow back except Willow pulled away and it was now Jessie's turn to look questionally back at Willow. "You can't be getting all worked up when you should be taking it easy." she explained and indicated at Jessie's bruised stomach, now hidden beneath the dressing gown. "So...I didn't get to have you last night and now you're making me wait again." Jessie moaned with disapointment, Willow just laughed and rested her head upon Jessie's shoulder

   The sound of keys in the lock made both of them jump right out of their skins. A male voice called out seconds later, declaring to the house that he was there. Jessie froze in Willow's arms while Willow's eyes were fixed upon the door. The voice called out again, slightly annoyed at not recieving an answer.

   "We're in here!" Jessie called out, seperating herself from Willow in a matter of seconds to sit up on the sofa. Willow remained sprawled out across the sofa, frozen in place. It seemed pointless trying to act like nothing was going on when it seemed too obvious to her that something had happened between them both and it would only take a few seconds for it to be known.

The End

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