Jessie pt.2Mature

   Willow blinked up at the dark orange ceiling before stretching out fully, only to sink deeper in serenity. "You awake yet?" Jessie murmured close by, Willow lazily turned her head to the left, bringing Jessie into view who was also buried beneath a blanket, "You've been out for nearly three hours now." Willow brought her left arm out from underneath the blanket to look at her watch only to find no watch on her wrist. Still half asleep, she kept her arm suspended above her head with a dazed look across her face. "You weren't wearing a watch." Jessie told her through a yawn, "Its quarter to nine though." she added, after taking a look at her own watch.

     Willow bolted up right and swung her legs off the sofa in one movement to stand up except her body could not keep up with what her brain wanted her to do and Willow ended up falling back onto the chair. All the while complaining about having to call her roommate and let her know where she was and then complaining about her phone being out of credit after she had dug it out of her jacket pocket. Jessie just watched her friend panic with a bemused expression and pointed out that Willow could use her phone.  Jessie however, refused to let Willow walk home by herself at that time of night. Willow, knowing that it still hurt Jessie to move, refused to let her escort her home and then make a return journey.

   Neither of them saw any point in paying for a taxi after Jessie suggested she might as well make it easier on everyone and stay the night, which prompted another phone call to the roommate and once she was done with her mad dashing around, Willow collapsed back onto the sofa. Jessie couldn't help but giggle at her, "You'll need to go back to sleep to regain all that wasted energy now." Willow just threw her a look and settled herself further into the sofa. "I am curious as to why you came over here anyway." Jessie added once it was clear Willow was comfortable enough.

   Willow’s mouth opened to reply except no sound was made. Lines formed across Willow’s forehead as she frowned, the answer evading her thoughts. In one fluid motion Jessie leaned into Willow, their noses barely touching. Willow’s heart hammered against her chest she was half surprised that Jessie couldn’t hear it and she struggled to keep control of her breathing. Jessie’s hazel eyes seemed to piece her very soul and she was very aware of Jessie shifting closer to her. A fire, a bright burning fire danced into life across her very skin just as Jessie lightly pressed the back of her finger against Willow’s chin, closing Willow’s mouth which was still left hanging open.

   It seemed to take a lifetime for Jessie to complete that movement and in a matter of seconds; she was sidestepping along the narrow gap between the two sofas, asking if Willow wanted some hot chocolate. Willow could only nod in response. Her mouth was parched, her muscles felt like jelly and she could still feel Jessie’s finger on her skin, she tried to wipe it away with a shaking hand except she ended up touching her chin where Jessie's finger had been. Willow was glad that her breathing had returned to normal by the time Jessie returned and she held two steaming mugs of hot chocolate; she passed one of them to Willow.

   “Why do you have these so close together anyway? You can barely get between them as it is.” Willow asked as Jessie entered the room, accepting the mug. Jessie handed her own mug to Willow as well then moved behind the sofa she had been on, “For this very simple reason. Lift you feet up.” No sooner had she swung her legs clear of the gap, Jessie shoved the sofa forwards until the two sofas were touching.

   “Jess! You should have let me do that, you’ll hurt yourself more!” Willow cried out and made to jump to her feet except her brain reminded her that she was still holding two very hot cups of coco and was able to not spill a drop though she had failed to help Jessie move the heavy sofa.

“Its fine, it’s not so bad, just stiffness really. Anyway, most of my free time I spend reading and writing in this room, as you can see.” She gestured to the piles of books and sheets of paper flung everywhere, “Most of the time i will just crash down here so putting the two together just gives me more sleeping room.”

   Jessie climbed onto the leather sofas and sat down beside Willow, mugs were exchanged and the two snuggled up under the thick fluffy blanket, sinking deeper into relaxation. “I knew you liked to read and write but i had no idea it was more of an obsession than a hobby.” Jessie just threw her a look whilst playfully slapping Willow’s shoulder. That was all that was needed to set the two off, Willow harassed Jessie nonstop about being allowed to read some of her stories to them recounting the last few weeks, while Willow had been plotting her way to Daniel, Jessie had nothing to do but rest and recover from her fall down the stairs.

   It was three in the morning by the time the two actually settled down beside each other to get some sleep. They said goodnight and Willow twisted round so her back was facing Jessie, who quickly made a comment about Willow getting nightmares if she fell asleep looking at her. Glancing back over her shoulder to look at Jessie, “Oh ha ha. I prefer to sleep on my left side, always have done.” The was silence between them both, Willow scowled and glanced back at Jessie, her eyes were shut. “I come all the way over here and you don’t even give me a goodnight hug.” She complained, knowing very well that she wasn’t asleep.

   Her eyes still closed, Jessie responded after some time “I said goodnight, isn’t that enough?” she moaned into the space between them. “Well, if that’s the gratitude I -” Willow began except she was caught off guard by Jessie wrapping her arms around Willow and pulling her close into her body, “There, happy now?” Jessie asked, squeezing her arms tighter around Willow’s waist, emphasizing the hug.

   Willow desperately wanted her breathing to return back to normal, with her arms wrapped around her, Jessie was sure to notice and feel Willow’s heart beating ten times faster than its normal rate. Willow’s eyes were screwed shut as she focussed on regaining control of her breathing. Every one of her defences was screaming at her to jump up, to put as much distance as she could between her and Jessie while a single, very calm and peaceful voice was quietly telling her to just relax, that’d she’d never feel more peaceful if she just let go of it all.

   “You alright Will? You’re shaking...” Jessie murmured, removing her right arm from around Willow’s waist to pull the blanket closer around them both then burring her arm under the blanket, she replaced it back around Willow. It was only then that Willow realised every muscle in her entire body was tightened to the point that the tension was causing her to shake. A strong warmth crept through her body, slowly melting away the tension, gently sweeping aside her defences and all Willow could do was allow herself to drift along with it as Jessie’s body heat oozed deep into her. Willow could feel Jessie shift her head closer to her, the hairs on the back of her neck tingled as Jessie’s hot breath seeped into her exposed skin.

   Jessie shifted once more, this time lifting up her head and leaned in over Willow, brushing her soft lips against her cheek. The kiss lasted for the briefest of moments but long enough to freeze Willow’s heart. Any remaining defence she had left was shattered instantly. It was all too clear had been clear from the start, why she hadn’t accepted there and then was a mystery, it was too easy...just so natural...she never stood a chance at hiding from it...

   Jessie pulled away. Willow turned to look at her. Jessie held her gaze, her hazel eyes were burning, shining with hunger in the darkened room. Willow’s arms ached to be wrapped around Jessie and she was consumed by the desire to be closer, to have nothing between her and Jessie. “...Will...if you d-” Jessie’s voice was laboured, she had been using a lot of her energy on controlling her breathing but before she could get another sound out, Willow reached up, her mouth locking onto Jessie’s, her lips and tongue were warm as she welcomed the kiss and she matched Willow’s passion equally.

   They pulled apart reluctantly, both gasping for air, Willow twisted round to face Jessie, who pulled her in closer, their bodies pressed against each other and Jessie wrapped her leg around Willow’s. The gap between them was becoming too much to stand again so Willow reached up and guided Jessie to her, the kisses were soft and longer, Willow sucked on Jessie’s bottom lip, drawing her deeper into her mouth while Jessie fingers fumbled with the bottom of Willow’s t-shirt, teasingly finding their way underneath to dance lightly across her skin, sending waves of tingling pleasure coursing through Willow’s body from her stomach.

   Her head was becoming heavy, she was already shattered from staying up so late and she was too relaxed that she was fighting a losing battle against sleep for her new found desire to have Jessie. Obviously aware of how tired Willow actually was, Jessie slowed down until her kisses became light pecks upon Willows forehead as she swiftly drifted off. The last thing she could remember was Jessie murmuring ‘goodnight’.

The End

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