Willow blew into her cupped hands in an attempt to warm them up since her taxi driver had been too preoccupied singing along with the radio to notice her pleas for the heating to be turned up and was desperately wishing she had a warmer coat instead of the thin blue denim jacket. She glanced down at the scrap of paper in her hand, Gavin's neat handwriting scrawled across it. The house in front of her matched the address Gavin had given her.

   Her stomach tightened and her heartbeat quickened as she faced the front door. Shaking herself mentally, putting it down to excitement at finally be able to see her friend after so long, Willow pressed the door bell, it’s boring buzz drilled through her scull for three seconds, drowning out the sound of a car passing through the street. Her breathe appeared in clouds before her face as it quickened along with her growing nerves.

   Her eyes had no time to adjust after being blinded by the bright headlights from the passing car that Willow was left blinking dumbly as golden light flooded out into the street from the open door in front of her. Willow ended up shielding her eyes from the light before she could actually tell who had opened the door.

   "Will, what are you - you must be freezing, get inside here!" Jessie's familiar voice shrieked from the door, a hand tightened around her arm and yanked her forwards through the door; it slammed shut once Willow was safely inside. "Here, you'll need this more than me." a thick, fluffy blanket was swiftly wrapped around Willow's now shivering form. Noticing Willow's failed attempts to stop shivering; Jessie rubbed up and down where Willow's arms were through the heavy blanket to help warm her up.

   Since Jessie was paying no attention to Willow's protests that she was in fact fine, she was able to take in Jessie's appearance; a large yellow bruise was slowly fading upon her forehead, any other bruises received during her fall were hidden beneath her clothes. Overall, it was impossible to see that Jessie had fallen down the stairs at all except it was crystal clear when she guided Willow out of the hallway. Her movement had slowed down dramatically and each little turn or shifting of weight was planned to cause the least discomfort while a look of pure concentration was etched across Jessie's face. Fearing that any noise would break her friend's needed focus, Willow cast her mind to the room she was now standing in.

   The room itself could have been quite big except that everything was so tightly packed, the floor could have been some kind of fairytale story. Two cream leather sofas sat in the middle of the room with just enough leg room to sidestep between them, each had a warm, green coloured blanket draped over them. A couple of large soft pillows in matching autumn coloured pillow cases were just inviting Willow to curl up into the blanket and let her head sink deep into them. A fire place was set into the wall facing the sofa's, giving off a cosy orange glow that illuminated around the dark, orange painted walls. The rest of room was just one giant mess of sheets of paper and piles of books scattered across the room and spread over any available surface, including a desk, hidden away in a corner of the room with a closed laptop sitting neatly on top. The air was thick with recently burned incense although Willow couldn't identify which fragrance it was.

   "Ah...yeah, well this is i guess." Jessie grinned at the messy room. Willow could not help but smile at the change in Jessie, although she was has happy when at work but here, in her own home, Jessie sparkled with new life, her face was more animated and her movements were less guarded and more open, even her smile appeared brighter.

   "It suits you and I love it, it’s got a homey feel to it." Willow smiled back at Jessie and their eyes met for a moment. Jessie motioned for Willow to sit down as she eased herself carefully onto the one facing right, grimacing as she leaned back into the pillows. Pulling the fleecy blanket closer around herself, enjoying the warmth it gave, Willow dropped onto the other sofa, snuggling deep into the large fluffy pillows. A benefit from being near the fireplace was that the pillows had become heated, the warmth spread from the back of her neck, slowly creeping down and along her spine. A peaceful smile spread across Willow's face though nothing was said between them, they were content knowing the other was there.

The End

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