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   The door slammed shut. Daniel O' Donnell looked up from his letter to see what had disturbed the silence. Willow was standing there, in front of the door and her eyes were locked on Daniel, glaring at him from across the room. He turned his attention back to the letter about a new deal some company was proposing.

   "That is what I get. A simple glance, I slammed the door shut and raised my voice at you...according to Mrs. Williams talking to you at all is like breaking some kind of law." she was trying very hard to not let herself get caught up in her words and remain calm except the none responsive Daniel made that very difficult.

  "If you are displeased, I'm sure Mrs. Williams would be more than happy to help." he didn’t take his eyes off the letter, instead, he picked up a pen and underlined something that caught his interest. If Willow had any self control left within her, that one sentence from him was all that was needed to smash through it. She marched up to his desk and in one smooth brisk movement, knocked the container of smart office pens and swept aside the neatly laid out paper forms to the floor.  

   Stunned, Daniel did nothing but watch as Willow then proceeded to place her hands on his desk and she clambered on top of the glass desk, nearly kicking him as she swung her legs round to sit with her legs crossed, looking down at him with a look fixed across her face that was just begging him to challenge her. The room was silent, Willow glared down at Daniel while he stared vacantly back at her. Neither of them moved an inch and the sound of their breathing was the only thing to be heard.    

   Afraid that she would never get another opportunity to see him again and since she no longer had anything to lose at this point, Willow tore the letter right out of his hands and flung it to floor. Daniel's eyes were glued to the letter, following its descent through the air until it came to land neatly on the floor. His eyes darted back to Willow, locking onto her like a missile seeking its target. He leapt to his feet, knocking his chair backwards as he did so and slammed his hands against the desk so he could lean dangerously into her personal space.

   "What do you think you're playing at!" his voice exploded full of rage, his eyes alive with hatred at what she had just done and she could feel his hot raged breath against her face. Had she not been terribly pleased with herself over his reaction, Willow would have been terrified to have even been in the same room with him, let alone be separated by the few inches of air that now stood between them. "You had better get off my desk right now and pick those up, putting them back in the exact order that they were. Then after you apologise and explain why you did that, I'll see if I still want to fire you."

   "I will get off your desk but I will not pick those up" She indicated to the fallen documents and pens s she swivelled round, nearly kicking Daniel yet again before she hoped off his desk. "I will not apologise either as it was worth it." Daniel stood upright, taken aback by her defiance as she now leaned forward over the desk, a fire sparkling in her eyes. "Be honest to yourself and tell me that you haven't felt this alive in years. I have no right to be saying this but the way you are going about your life is killing you. The body is there but the spirit has gone and if you even start to say that you are truly happy with your life, don't bother because I can see otherwise."

   Satisfied that she had said enough, Willow made for the door while Daniel O' Donnell was left standing there; wondering what had hit him as she paused in the doorway. "I'll go back to my work until Mrs. Williams tells me I'm dismissed. Good day Sir." With that, she closed the door behind her.


                                                         *   *   *   *   *   *

   It took the better half of the day for Mrs. Williams to track Willow down as she continued to move through the house double time s that she would be finished sooner to try and visit Jessie on her way home. Willow braced herself for the oncoming onslaught.

   "These," she handed Willow the pile of freshly cleaned & folded white towels "are to be returned to the second floor." and she continued on her way. Baffled as to why nothing had been said about her outburst, chased after the sound of heels clacking against laminate flooring.

   "Sorry to bother you but did Dan - I mean, Mr. O' Donnell say anything to you...concerning me by any chance." She asked hesitantly, not wanting to incur an outburst over the matter. Mrs. Williams stopped in her tracks and turned to face Willow.

   "As a matter of fact he did." her curious tone did not ease Willow's mind, "Not that this is any of your business but the Sir did express an interest in you." Mrs. Williams then continued on her way, leaving Willow wondering what exactly had been exchanged between the two of them. Only on impulse did Willow call after the departing housekeeper, asking if she had actually lost her job or not.

   "No, you still have your job here Miss. Carter." her tone of voice hinting that Willow should have her head examined, "Why do you ask such a thing?" Mrs. Williams stopped yet again to face Willow across the empty corridor. Willow could not prevent a grin from spreading across her face; she had confronted Daniel O' Donnell and kept her job at the same time.

   "No reason, Thank you." Mrs Williams threw her a strange look but must have been hard-pressed to keep to her busy schedule since she carried on her way without another question asked while Willow had an extra bounce in her step for the remainder of her day.

The End

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