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   Willow now found herself standing in a room that felt like a normal living room compared to the previous majestic rooms Mrs. Williams had proudly shown her on the grand tour. It was very clear as well, that the housekeeper despised this room because of the fact that there was no magnificent fireplace or glorious art work hanging from the walls. Just a couple of cream coloured sofa's around a simple glass coffee table, laminate flooring yet again which brought Willow to the conclusion that laminate must have been 'The Must Have Item' when they decided to redo the flooring. The added difference with this room was that there was a young man, actually sitting down and relaxing, watching the large television attached to the wall opposite the way she had just been shown through before Mrs. Williams vanished out of sight.

   "Feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all?" a female voice chimed in from behind her. Willow could not stop herself from jumping 3 feet in the air, having been completely caught off guard by the discovery of a room that Leonardo Di Vinci had not got his hands on, she hadn't heard this person open the door behind her. In the seconds needed to calm herself down though, Willow had been able to turn around and put a face to the deep, airy voice that sounded like the person had sung the words to her. A woman, around her thirties or possibly early forties was standing in the open doorway, fiery red hair falling past her face and was wearing a plain grey t-shirt, matching well with the baggy pair of black trousers. A startled, although bemused, half smile spread across her lips, lighting up the bronze colour in her dark brown eyes.

   "I'm sorry, I forgot how scary I looked." the woman's smile spread across her face at her own comment, clearly this was some kind of on going joke that Willow now wanted desperately to be a part of. That mystical sounding voice thrown in with the playful smile was a clear sign that being friends with this woman would certainly lead to this job being more enjoyable.

   "I guess I didn't hear you come through the door or something." Willow explained to the woman, trying to reassure her that it was not because of her appearance despite it being a joke while stepping sideways to allow her access past the doorframe.

   "Its fine, really. I'm Jessie by the are..." Jessie's soft, intoxicating voice trailed off into a soothing silence, allowing Willow to break it by saying her name. "I like that name, Willow, mainly because I like Willow trees. They're so beautiful and graceful, yet irresistibly powerful - oh I ramble a lot, just to warn you." Willow could almost see the huge, unbending Willow tree, dancing to the cool breeze in Jessie's eyes as she became lost in her own words. 

   "You must be the reason why I saw Patricia trot double pace back up the stairs." Jessie commented and now Willow was more confused as to who Patricia actually was since she had only been introduced to two people and can't remember passing anyone when Mrs. Williams had shown her to this room. "Patricia being Mrs. Williams. Don’t worry, she's a nice person but when working, she's very strict at keeping to the rules. As is Terence, he's in charge, Patricia is second to him. They could be really nice people, if they only learned to lighten up a bit."

   "Hey, Jessie! Don’t keep the newbie to yourself, come on, and introduce me already." The young man who had been watching TV had now turned his attention to the conversation he was not a part of. He was wearing a white outfit that reminded Willow of the ones she'd seen chefs wear from the cooking shows, his shinning blue eyes sparkling beneath his golden blond hair.

   "She's been in the room long enough for you to say hi yourself." Jessie snapped back at him, "That is Gavin, he's basically a waiter." she added with a mocking tone. Gavin bolted off the chair and launched into telling Willow that he was not just a waiter but head of the kitchen. It was very apparent that this was not the first time he had explained this to someone as he knew exactly what words to chose and the little retorts between him and Jessie were too perfectly choreographed, it hurt Willow's head to just try and keep track of who was speaking and what was being said.

   "Hey look at that, its five minutes to nine!" Gavin exclaimed with mocked surprise, Jessie's head whipped around to the clock Gavin had pointed to, " The Sir will be wanting his morning cup of coffee and you're not even dressed yet." again, he spoke with mock horror and grinned at the sight of Jessie dashing across the room to fling a door wide open and all but dive through it, slamming it shut behind her. Willow just remained staring dumbstruck, feeling rather lost by how her morning had started.

   "She's getting changed, its where the uniforms are kept." Gavin explained, he then pointed to another door "Through there is an entrance to the kitchens just so you know." he told her while returning to the sofa and continued watching the cartoon that was on. The door shot open, a blur of motion that resembled Jessie ran into the kitchens, yelling for a tray with the coffee. Someone had been startled by the abrupt demand because there was the sound of some poor plate or cup shattering into pieces as it smashed into the floor.

   Willow remained were she stood, listening to the commotion die down in the kitchens and a satisfied Jessie must have left through some unknown door since she did not return to the room while Gavin had currently settled himself to watch some home improvement show he had found. He looked round at her and was not surprised to see Willow still standing at the side of the room.

   "Don't worry, you won't be expected to do anything on your first few days, the only thing you need to do is show up and listen. For now though, feel free to watch tv or help yourself to something to eat from the kitchens." He turned his attention back to the television. Willow shuffled her feet forwards and slowly sank into the sofa next to him, sighing in relief at finally being off her feet.


The End

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