An accidental loveMature

   He didn't even notice her, not that she actually expected him to pay attention to her but they had been a meter away from each other and he seemed to be someplace else entirely as they just passed by one another. His light brown hair fell down over his face, shielding his eyes from view and when she glanced back at him, a strong sense of emptiness engulfed her, sending shivers down her very spine. A cold hand gripped her jaw line, jerking her head forwards and her eyes locking with the pair of fierce grey that belonged to the husekeeper, Mrs. Williams

   "Miss. Carter, may I remind you that the household staff are not to become an inconvenience to the President." Mrs. Williams unclenched her vice-like grip and let her hand drop neatly to her side, leaving Willow Carter to fight the urge of rubbing her face warm where an icy tinge remained from the steel firm grasp.

   "I'm sorry, the President?" although Willow had been doing her best to take in everything Mrs. Williams had been telling her but that last line threw her off completely. By the time she had actually managed to sputter out the words, she wished she had bitten her tongue at the sight of a severe Mrs. Williams, her narrow eyebrows slanting downwards to complete the scowl across her face as she towered above her.

   "Mr. O'Donnell, the President of O'Donnell Corporation, leads a very busy schedule and does not need to be disturbed by the house staff, if you have any questions, you may direct them to me." Her tone of voice gave no room for questions to be asked except Willow was left speechless because despite being threatened, Mrs. Williams did not lose her mother like charm.

   "Well, I will now introduce you to your fellow co-workers now that the tour has been completed." with that note set in her voice and before Willow could blink, Mrs. Williams had turned on her heels and nearly halfway down the corridor, her shinning black heels clacking against the newly laid out laminate flooring, leaving Willow to catch up to her in well-worn trainers. It was here when Willow was struck by a thought inspired by the housekeeper's outfit, black heels along with black tights, a smart black skirt, accompanied with a blouse and a smart jacket, her brown hair, tied tightly back by a silver clip.

   Willow, glanced down at her scruffy trainers, complete with the faded blue jeans, a plain white t-shirt, her short, light brown, spiky hair, a mess from the absence of a hairbrush for the past month. Taking in the housekeeper's smart outfit made her realise that her own sense of style in clothing was not going to cut it at her new job.

The End

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