Avoiding the past

"Thanks again, Jess," I called, about to leave.

"Becks, why are you acting this way?" she pleaded, taking me by surprise. "You've abandoned all your friends, whenever someone tries to make plans you feed then some dumb excuse like 'I'm working on my... history project.' And you're always just so damn bitter. We used to be friends, Becks, what happened?"

"Nothing happened," I snapped, the icy edge to my voice surprising me. "Let's go, Amy."

There was no way I was telling anyone what happened that night. I used to be pat of the group my little sister now hung out with, though it seemed she had replaced me, I thought bitterly. One night Amy begged me to take her with me, like she did every Saturday. I was sick of her asking, so I told her she could come, just this one time. She thanked me over and over. So we headed over to the club like every week. Little did I know that I would always look back on that night with regret, sick at how naiive I had been, with just a wish that I could do it all over.

The End

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