Amy's Fear

Total fear engulfed Amy. She had no idea what to do with the screaming infant. She was nothing more than a little child herself. She just wanted someone to love. She just wanted to feel someone love her in return. That warm, beautiful love she had once felt.

“What would mommy do? What would mommy do?” Amy sang to herself as she tried to block her ears with her hands while stomping in circles around the screaming infant.

A sudden movement caught Amy’s eye as she marched round and round around the child.

“Who’s there?” Amy shouted. “Who’s there?”

Amy slowly started walking to towards the old discarded cardboard boxes piled up in the far corner of the warehouse. “I know you’re there. I saw you move behind those boxes.” Amy spoke to the pile.

One by one she moved the boxes away from the wall.

And then she saw them. All fat and hairy. Tails as thick as the thickest wax crayons. Sparkling white teeth as sharp as razor blades. They all looked up at her. Then went back to their gnawing.

“Rats!” Amy yelled at the top of her voice. Her biggest nightmare.

Amy was just about to turn and flee the warehouse when she noticed the rats were eating through a small cardboard container. Not just any container. It was a milk carton. And there was still some milk in it. "Maybe days old, but it was still milk." she thought to herself.

Now, all Amy had to do was figure out how to distract those “Disgusting little critters!” Which she feared more than anything else in her life.

The End

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