Chapter 1- last

We finally made it, after what seemed like forever, we were in Cardiff. As we drived around, trying to find a reasonably pticed car park which believe me, is quite hard to find in the capital city of Wales, as my mum stopped at a traffic light I saw two familiar faces. Opening my window to get a closer look I realised the faces belonged to Fuzz and Tom, they were riding their bikes but had stopped to look at the big crowed of people outside the Millennium stadium. I quickly jabbed my friend and shouted,

'SPIDER! LOOK, ITS FUZZ WUZZ AND TOM!' She quickly stopped looking out of her window and turned her attention to mine, she smiled. Tom and Fuzz weren't our favourite band members, but we adored them all the same. We watched them until the traffic light turned green and my mum started the hunt for a car park, she finally found one a couple of minutes after we set off from the traffic lights. As she got the ticket I realised I had been here before, my dad had to pay 16 pounds before because he had been parked in there for three or four hours.

'Uhhh, mum?' No reply 'Me, Kai and dad used this place befor and well, lets just say the price is not cheap for a couple of hours.' After about five minutes of driving up and down the isles for a parking space my mum finally replied,

'Oh well, the concert won't be that long.' I nodded in agreement even though I knew she was wrong. Straight after she said that she found a nice little space on the fifth floor and we made our way down the five flights of stairs to the entrance, left the car maze and headed off to Costa. I quikly cheacked my timeline on twitter and decided to tweet a Sherlock quote and some My Chemical Romance lyrics.

'Its crowded today because of the Olympic football in the stadium' My mum said as we made our way into Cosat Coffee.

The End

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