Letting go of the monster...

I went to a That Sunday Feeling concert on the 25/7/2012
with my friend Angharad and my mum. I am basing this fanfic on my experiance with a few extra bits and stuff...enjoy.

''Its a little bit harder when you try so hard, Its a little bit harder when I'm anixious and over think, about this all the things I miss when we're falling apart! Its a little bit harder you see...letting go of the monster in me. Next time I'll try harder!''

Those are my favourite lyrics to one of my favorite songs, letting go of the monster. I repeated them in my head as we passed a turning to a place I have never been before.  The band I love the most is Amy Can Flyy and letting go of the monster is one of their well known songs. They are a pop band from Bournemouth, the band consists of; Ben the vocalist, Chris the guitarist, Tom the bass player and Fuzz the drummer. Amy Can Flyy are the only pop band I like. I opened my window and stuck my hand out, the wind whipped at  it as we turned through the round about. We were travelling to Cardiff to go and see them. I looked at my black converse then back at out the window, I was wearing my favourite blue cupcake cult top which had a purple monster with hipster glasses on it and the worda 'Monsters need hugs too' below the picture and to complete my outfit I had my black skinny fit jeans with a black and red studded belt. As we passed the village hotel I fely a wave of excitement hit my body. Me and Annie started discussing what songs they might play, even though it was a That Sunday Feeling concert we only bought the tickets to see Amy Can Flyy. Annie quickly said,

'Letting go of the monster!' I laughed but quickly stopped to smile. I didn't get much sleep the night before as i was overwhelmed at the fact of going to my very first concert. I closed my window then shut my eyes, the sun light was really strong. Turning my head away from the sun i suddenly felt the car staop and just like that, we were there...

The End

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