Amos The Grumpy Dwarf


AMOS THE DWARF, by Kent Cadwallader.

"Is it our imaginations that rule us,

or is it us that rule our imaginations!".

"If everything that we create, dream or wish can been seen, if only briefly by our minds eye,

Then where do these creations, ideas even thoughts go afterwards?"


Close your eyes. Yes that’s right I am talking to you and I know what your thinking,

"close my eyes, but if I close my eyes how can I read"

Which is why I don’t want you to, well not just yet anyway!. Before we get to that lets do a little experiment. In a moment when I ask you to close your eyes, I want you to imagine anything you desire. It could be a present, a person, a feeling or even the most horrible eight legged five eared twenty five foot Buggrotter from the far reaches of the universe.

I want you to hold this image in you mind for five seconds. So close your eyes whilst I start counting are you ready ....good!.


Welcome back, did you see it? Was it good?

For them five seconds you just brought something to life. Consider yourself a GOD!.

Whatever it was that sprung in to your mind, something that only you could possible see. Actually lived for five seconds and then it vanished again in a moments notice, but where did it vanish to? What happened to your thought?.

If it was there a second a go and gone the next, where had it been in the first place? and where can it be now.

Confused yet?

Let me show you where they go, where every thing goes eventually and quite possibly where everything comes from!

And so it begins,

Beneath a purple sky the sea moves. It begins to swell gently at first with the waves slowly rolling against each other, with no memeory of what had just gone and what was about to come. Gradually they start to pick up momentum as the wind teases and torments the water below, A wave slowly rises, slightly bigger than before and crashes against another.

Another wave rises much bigger then its predicessor and crashes down hard in to the surface of the water. More waves begin, curling around one another, joining up to form new more powerful waves.

The wind is really picking up now as it swings down at great speed, barking at the water, the sea breathes in as if it was getting ready to push. Push it does, from the very middle of the ocean a huge wall of water starts to take shape, it stretche's for miles. Slowly it begins to pick up speed as the wind gets behind it, giving it an almighty boost. Pushing it higher and higher until it almost touches the sky.

It turns and face'es towards land, towards a beach, a town, a village and just beyond that it faced a forest. A great big forest filled with thousands of tress and all sorts of tiny creatures that live amongst the branches and bracon carpeted floor. Apart from one small circle where no trees grow and no animals venture. In the middle is a house, well I say house it was a funny shaped one. Shaped a bit like a mushroom, surrounding the large house like mushromm are smaller mushrooms which fill the floor, a small path runs from the forest up to a door.

Inside lived a dwarf called Amos, he had lived here on his own since he could remember, his friends (if you can call them that) preferred Amos the grumpy dwarf. No one ever came to see him, he was left alone. Which as u can imagine would make anyone grumpy.

At this moment however, someone or something was running towards him! Down a hill, through the forest, up his mushroom lined path and with out stopping for breath banged violently on the door!

It had been a strange day thought Courtney, eating her tea. It had started like any other. She had got out of bed in the morning, had her breakfast, got dressed in to her uniform and her mother had taken her to school.

There she sat through her lessons, (very politely might I say). At dinner time she had gone outside to the play ground and played on the swings with her best friend Anna, the whisltle had been blown and she went back to her lessons.

She had English and afterwards they listened to a story. Her mum, AT 3:00 picked her up took her home, so far so normal.

As she sat eating here tea, she felt different. Something was going on somewhere and Courtney just could not seem to figure out what it was? or where it was? for that matter. She just had this overwhelming urge that somewhere at the back of her mind, something special was happening, something.................. magical.

If only she could just figure out what? but for now it would have to wait, her tea was getting cold.

BANG, Bang, bang!?! A black feather fist flashed back and forth, BANG, Bang, and ba.... a wooden door swung open, there stood a very angry, very grumpy looking dwarf.

"WHAT the heck is................"Amos looked at the creature that stood before him, he took a step back "Who the hell are you, better still what are you!"

"Quick, for your life its coming, its here what are we going to do" Said a buzzing black shape, its arms failing all over the place as it bobbed excitedly up and down," Please you must help us?!"

Amos quickly gathered his thoughts, a moment earlier had been sat by his cozy wood fire gently smoking his pipe. Which he had filled with his favorite tobacco Tangle wood and the next, he was stood at his door with what he could only describe as a black cloud dancing and talking gibberish on his welcome mat(Amos had a welcome mat but he never really welcomed anybody especially strangers) He peered more closely at the creature which was now spinning around on one leg and mumbling something about the end of everything. He noticed that somewhere in the black mess was an orange beak and just above the beak where tiny eyes one was slightly closed the other wide open. As it moved feathers filled the air and he now noticed a distinct smell of damp and musk.

"Are you some sort of bird" he asked

"Bird...bird! We don’t have time to discuss what I am, we have to get out of here!?"

"Please calm down, I think you must have the wrong house, the mental hospital is on the other side of the forest, I think that you would be most welcome there and they even have baths" said Amos holding his nose, the smell was getting unbearable.

The bird like crearture paid him no notice, it grabbed Amos by the front of his shirt and lifted him off his feet, Amos’s eyes where level with the foul smelling bird’s. Amos held his breath.

"Your name is Amos is it not" questiond the bird type thing, the dwarf nodded " Good. good then I have a message for you" it said, quickly letting go of Amos. He fell to the floor with a bump. A black arm disappeared in side its own feathers and came out clutching a hat, a black top hat which it placed upon its head and stood to attention. Amos watched in pure awe, he pinched himself to find out if he hadn’t really fallen asleep next to his fire and this was all some strange dream, he was snapped out of this train of thought by a loud trumpeting sound. He looked at the bird, the bird looked back.

"What? that wasn’t me!" it said pointing up towards the hat, the top flipped open and out jumped a small rat wearing what he could only describe as a pair of red shorts and a blue waistcoat blowing on a tiny gold trumpet. It landed on the rim, it's little nose twitched a little as it looked down at the dwarf on the floor. Clearing its throat it squeaked at the top of its voice.

" Dear Mr. Amos, sorry to trouble you at this time but this matter is of the utmost urgency", the rat clearly loved the sound of its squeak "you have been chosen out of nearly one thousand creatures and er? Things! To meet with the great tree of knowledge" the rat paused waiting for a reaction.

"WHO!!" Amos said

"The Great tree of knowledge needs you!" this was followed by an awkward silence. The bird looked at the dwarf. Amos looked at the bird then the rat.

"Now" squeaked the rat so louadly that Amos jumped to his feet.

"Come on there is no time to stand there looking stupid grab your coat and lets get moving!!!" shouted the rat

"Just hang on a second here, you two cannot walk up to my house knock on my door and demand that I have to follow you to some stupid tree that I never heard of before" said Amos finally finding himself again (as you can imagine he had been a little bewildered)

"The great tree is not stupid that is why he is called The Gre...." the rat was cut short by Amos

"Tree of Knowledge yes I know you just told me, I think it would be more dramatic if you added a drum roll after that bit..... it would sound very good, now if you don’t mind" finished Amos as he slammes his door closed. Slowly shaking his head he thought "I don’t know what the world is coming to but this is ridiculous". He wondered back down his hall way and into the lounge where his fire was still roaring and his pipe still gently smoking. Ahhhhh!! where was I he thought.

It has been said that sometimes just before something really bad happens that your last thought remains with you for ever, It plays over and over in your mind reminding you of the bad thing that happened, like a stuck record. This is of course true, Amos is last words would haunt him however for the rest of his life, because just at that moment when he "thought were was I". A huge tidal wave ripped through the forest down his path and right through his living room, it didn’t stop there either it carried on and carried everything that had been in its path along with it. Amos was flung upside down, spun around, tossed from corner to corner as the water came at him from every angle. The words "where was I" rang around his brain, as he tried exactly to figure out where in fact he was!!.

The great wizard Fladnag stood stop of a huge rocky black cliff which over looked most of the land he could see if he narrowed his eyes the light from the other the side, where the dark murky waters of the dark sea met the bright deep blue of another, in never ending battle of light and dark. The wind was very strong up here it could of blown an elephant clean of but not fladnag despite his frail look of an old man it dint even bother him, all that moved was his long gray beard flapping madly of his shoulder. The spell is complete he thought now all I have to do is wait. lightning began to flash madly around the cliff he stood back about 2 inches as a stray bolt shot out of the sky and landed by his right foot burning the grass in a small neat circle. "hmmm could get dangerous " he pulled a small telescope from his robe inside pocket put it up to his eye and watched the wave he had created rise and rise toward to light side, it was big so big it nearly touched the purple sky.

He laughed a long scary laugh now let me see he screamed to world at large let me see the child"

Courtney was getting ready for bed, her mother had just bathed her and she was having a hot chocolate drink, she sat in her pink flowery dressing gown with both hands wrapped around the mug heating her hands from the warmth of the drink, outside was getting dark in fact thought Courtney tonight seemed to have come so fast one minute it+ had been day and then without the usual slow sunset it had instead just got ton night the middle bit had been missed somehow strange she thought. She had told her mother but she had just told not to bee stupid and hurry up and drink her chocolate because it was 6.30 and past her bed time. She looked out the window the trees in the garden where shacking wildly as the wind whipped past them over the television she could just about hear it whistling and bang on the door and roof and then she heard… I couldn’t be…… there it was again she swore the wind out side was laughing, Crack lightning flashed Courtney and her mum both jumped out of there chairs at same time,"oh my god "said Courtney’s mum "did you see that, that was awfully close I think it hit somewhere in the garden" she said. They both stood in the living room looking intently at the garden and then at the sky, there was defiantly a storm coming thought Courtney

"I think its best if we go to bed love, that storm is really picking up "her mum stammered still a little shaken from the lightning " come on up the stairs ill tuck you in and no worrying about the wither love it’ll all be over by morning, just you wait and see"

Courtney looked at her mum she seamed quite nervous and was shaking terribly


"Yes love"

"You aren’t scared of lightning, are you" Courtney finished

"no, no my dear lightning doesn’t scare me I just don’t like the noise of the thunder that’ follows that’s all" and right on cue there it was the crack and rumble of thunder.

"Oh my, come on my dear it is definatly your bed time" she stammered

Her mum took her by the hand and led her up the stairs to her bedroom, picked Courtney up and placed her on top of her cabin bed, she pulled back the duvet and Courtney climbed in.

"Night, night my love"

"Night mum" she replied as her mum switched of the light and closed the door.

Courtney listed as her mothers footsteps disappeared down the stairs, she looked outside her window. It was one of those windows that was attached to the ceiling and only looked up at the sky. She could see flashes of blue dancing across the blackness of the night. It was very pretty she thought to herself watching her own personal light show. It carried on for about ten minute blue flash followed a few seconds latter by the now familiar rumble of the thunder the rain pounding gently on the glass of her window made for a very soothing noise patter, patter, blue flash, rumble, patter, patter, blue flash, rumble, patter, patt……………it all went quite! Courtney lay still for a moment listening intensely for the next rumble of patter but nothing came.

"it must be over she thought sitting up on her bed, mum was right after all, she had said it would be over soon and CRACK a huge flash of blue struck the glass Courtney fell out of bed banging her head on small art table she used for drawing, she looked up at the sky "wow" now that was close" in the glass a crack had appeared she watched it was it a trick of the light or was the crack getting bigger," I’m going to get the blame for that" she said getting to her feet "and it wasn’t even my fault" Crack another bolt flashed and hit the glass square on it shattered in to a thousand pieces showering the small girl with glass and knocking her of her feet and onto the floor this time a lot harder. Courtney opened her eyes she was slightly dazed and very confused her eyes slowly coming back to focus she realized that the whole of her room was bathed in translucent blue light it bounced of the walls reveling her teddies and dolls on the floor and shelves everyone of them seemed to watching her intently. Slowly turning round she saw it, in the middle of her room floating about a foot off the floor was a huge blue perfectly round ball of lighting it cracked and frizzed other waves of blue bounced off it and got sucked back. Courtney stood confused, scared and very, very frightened. "Mum, Mum" shouted Courtney, no answer she ran to her bedroom door and pulled the handle "mummy please come quick" she now screamed. The handle was stuck it wouldn’t budge. Putting her back against the door and breathing very heavily see again looked at the blue orb of light, it was throbbing gently now the waves of light had seemed so full of energy had calmed. The wind was blowing in through the now gapping hole in the roof where the window had been letting the cold and wet in. Courtney closed her eyes this is not happening, it can’t be real she thought.


Her eyes slowly opened, "what was that I am sure I just heard something".

"Sssssssssss little one"

Who is that stammered Courtney?

"Its is me"

Courtney now noticed that the orb of blue was slowly moving toward her, it pulsated with every word that Courtney could hear. It was a soft gently voice as soothing as the rain had been before pattering on the now shattered glass window


"My name is not important, but you are" it soothed

Why…why am I important?"

"Look closely in to the blue fix your eyes in to the middle my dear and i will show you"

She didn’t want to look but the orb was barely a foot in front of her now and it was getting bigger, so big that it now filled half of her room. Courtney was only four but see was of strong character and she reminded her self that most children her age at this point would have been crying, screaming or worse. But seeing as this strange thing had crashed through her window in the middle of the night and the fact that her mother must be asleep and could not hear her or worse and to top it all of her door was shut tight, she realized that she had no choice but to do what this strange object was asking her god knows what would happen if she refused but she decided she wasn’t brave enough to find out. She looked.

The deep blue filled her mind as she stared unblinkingly it the strange orb. The blue became purple which then became a bright orange. As small pinprick of white light appears in the middle, it started to grow in side the already increasing blue. Slowly it opened Courtney could see waves of black, bigger, now waves of blue both where flowing in opposite directions, bigger still, a cliff top came in to view, on top was a shape, a shape of a person she thought, bigger, it was a person an old wan wearing a robe and a long beard, she could see his face he had a big nose that hung over the top of his grey beard on his head was a deep purple pointy hat with two big ears sticking out of the side. He looked quite a scary old man, his eyes where the worst they had no color just a filled with a total blackness they where wide open she knew this because they where staring right back at her!

"welcome my dear" said the old man he reached out a boney hand , Courtney felt something griping hold of her right arm she looked put nothing was there but clearly something was pulling her, pulling her in to the blue orb. She turned and with her free arm garbed hold of a shelf attached to the wall near her door" MMMUUUUMMMM" she screamed Please help me" the was no reply what ever had brought this thing had surely stopped her mum from hearing her cries. The old man was strong very strong he pulled. Courtney’s feet lifted off the floor as she felt herself being sucked it to the ball of lighting which was no so big she could see anything else. Her hand was starting to slip off the self see tried desperately to keep hold, her fingers found somthing on the self it was hard, plastic a doll. A doll, here she was being sucked in to a strange ball of lightning that just smashed through her window, some scary looking old man talking to her and all she could find as some sort of weapon was a bloody plastic doll. With one last effort she grabbed the dolls leg turned forward and disappeared along with the old man and the blue orb. There was a small fizz and then a pop. The bedroom was empty; no light no sound except for the wind blowing in the hole, and mores to the Courtney.

The End

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