My shoulder screams out in agony, searing hot pain running through my shoulder and arm. Luckily, the bullet didn't hit anything major, and went clean through. I can still use the arm, with some assistance from my lovely friend morphine. Tyler took cover the second I got shot. I look over to him and motion from my hiding spot to peek out there. He complies and gives it a quick glance.

"They don't look like police, man." He whispers, confused.

"Looters maybe? Kinda early though." I suggest, trying to make sense of the situation.

"Hey! Can you assholes stop shooting at us?" I yell, getting my assailant's attention.

"Holy shit you guys aren't infected?!?" He shouts back, clearly in disbelief.

"No shit. We just woke up maybe an hour ago. We're gonna come out. Don't shoot." I instruct him, hoping not to get shot twice.

Tyler and I step out, finding 3 other students, armed with handguns. There were more in the leader's bag. "Damn man, where'd the firepower come from?" I ask, intrigued.

"We found a couple of dead police officers... We salvaged what we could." He replies, looking regretful.

"Gotta survive right? You mind if me and my friend here join you?" I inquire, praying for an alliance.

"I suppose so, could use the extra muscle. Lara, give this man and his friend each a gun. Little bit of ammo too." He orders. The girl looked at him with an annoyed look, but did as he said.

"The name's Jase. This is Tyler." I explain, feeling friendly.

"Nice to meet ya. This here is Lara, Ed, and my name is James."

"A pleasure, James." I say with a grin.

The End

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