"Well she couldn't have just gotten up and walked away! SHE WAS FUCKING DEAD! This is crazy, this is fucking crazy!" I yell, full of panic and anger. Why the hell is this happening, I think to myself.

"Calm down Jase, we need to figure out whats happening." Tyler says as he tries to calm me down.

"Yeah you're right... Okay lets look at what we know. People are biting other people, and killing them for no reason. I'm guessing that from the blood I  saw on the freshman's chin. The dead girl from the lawn isn't there anymore. Either somebody moved the body or she's still alive."

"Zombies." Tyler mumbles.

"Huh?" I raise an eyebrow at him.

"Zombies man. It could be zombies. I mean think about it, dead people walking, people eating other people. What else could it be?" I have to admit, he's making a good argument.

"Nah man that's just a load of science fiction bullshit. But I mean it's all we have to go on." I grumble as I accept the fact we don't have a damn clue as to what is going on.

"We should check on the other dorms, make sure people are okay." Tyler suggests

"Always gotta be the good guy don't you... Alright, let's look around for something we can use as a weapon." I insist as I start to wander around the room. I poke around the room for a bit, then I decide to look in the bathroom.

"Hey is the shower bar made of steel?" I ask Tyler inquisitively.

"I think so, hurt like a bitch when it fell on me." He replies

I place my foot up against the tub as a form of leverage and grab the pole. I yank and pull with a little effort. I'm a muscular guy like Tyler so it's not much of a challenge to get it out. The bar comes out of the wall along with a little bit of the wall stuck on it.

"I found something!" I shout to Tyler

"Cool! Me too!" He shouts back, appearing at the doorway with a metal baseball bat.

"Classic." I quip, thinking of the old zombie movies where a bat was always the weapon of choice.

"Right?" He grins at me.

"Alright lets get going. And just in case you're right... Whack the bastards in the head." I warn him

I approach the door, full of caution, considering the freshman might still be there. I pull the handle down ever so quietly, and the second I unlatch it the freshman bursts through, ravenous for flesh. I'm knocked to the ground once again, and he jumps on top of me. Tyler hesitates for a moment, then crashes the end of his baseball bat into the prick's head.

"Good job, already tried reasoning with that asshole once. I don't think they can talk." I gasp out. The wind was knocked out of me when I crashed to the floor.

"I just killed someone..." Tyler whispers in guilt.

"Hey don't be saying shit like that. He wasn't him anymore, what you killed wasn't human. I'm sure of that now. Whatever these things are, they are NOT human." I console him.

"Yeah I guess you're right." He agreed.

We approach the door again, peeking into the hallway as we head out. It's clear for now. I take a moment to look around, noticing most of the doors were open. A lot of them have blood trails leading towards the stairs. Tyler and I decide to start heading that way. As we approach the stairs I hear growling coming from the next floor down, our room being on the third floor. I motion to Tyler to be quiet, and tiptoe down the stairs. I look into the 2nd floor hallway, counting at least 5 people, scratch that, zombies. The first is in the corner next to the stairs, closest to me. I sneak up behind him, but he turns around, probably smelling human flesh, only to find my weapon crashing into his skull. The other zombies take notice of the noise and start to head towards me.

"Tyler get your ass down here! There's too many!" The zombies break into a sprint towards me, leaving me scared shitless. These weren't Walking Dead zombies, these were fucking 28 Days Later zombies! I slam my steel rod into the first attacker's face, Tyler finally hitting the 2nd floor and taking care of two of the others. That leaves the last one to me. I take my weapon and I bash the undead bastard in the gut once or twice then right in the jaw. He falls to the ground with a satisfying thump.

"Damn these guys are fast." I mutter underneath my breath. We head down the last flight of stairs and thankfully there are no zombies at the bottom. I throw the dorm doors wide open.

That's when I feel a bullet go through my shoulder.

The End

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