Just a zombie story i'm coming up with off the top of my head. We'll see where it goes.

Life gets a bit boring after a while. The same old drag each day. Go to class, go to the dorms, go to sleep. Nothing ever changes, there's no variety or spice in daily life. Sorry for the rant. My name is Jase, short for Jason Briggs. I'm just your average college student, carrying on through the drag each day. Maybe today will be different. Maybe something exciting will happen, who knows. It'd probably be a good idea to get out of bed now.

I hop up out of bed, quietly, so I won't wake my roommate. Tiptoeing inch by inch, I try to get to the restroom to take a shower before he notices. Suddenly I feel a pang of anxiety, sort of like a Spidey-Sense. I slowly turn around to find my roommate towering over me by about a foot. He looks at me with an intense glare, and I stare back with the same fire in my eyes.

"Ah shit, you caught me." I laugh out, smiling at him. He starts to laugh back, a big grin on his face. For those of you that don't know me, my roommate is Tyler Walker. He's a big meatsack of muscle weighing in about 6'11" and 200 pounds. Short blonde hair and the girls tell him he's got eyes made of jade. We've been friends since we were kids, and haven't separated since.

"You know the rules, man. Out of the way."

"Yeah yeah, go take your shower." I chuckle out. We've been playing this game since we got here. Tyler has the ears of a mouse, so I try to sneak past him to the shower every morning. If he catches me, he gets first shower. I haven't won even once. Tyler walks in and closes the door behind him, blasting the radio the second the shower turns on. I decide to just sit and mess around on my laptop for a little bit. Maybe I'll play a little Elder Scrolls. Just as I start to take a seat, I catch just a small snippet of what sounded like a scream. I get up and bang on the bathroom door, "Turn that down! I'm listening for something." He complies, and I listen for a second scream. But it never comes. I elect to look out the window for anything out of the ordinary, and when I do I about shit a brick. I didn't hear a second scream because the girl that made it was on the ground covered in her own blood. Just then Tyler got out of the shower.

"Stay here man I'm gonna get an ambulance!" I command.

"What's wrong?"

"Just look out the window man."

"Can't be that ba-Holy shit."

"Yeah. Stay here." I open the door and start running down the hallway only to find a freshman at the end. He's staring at me with this crazed look in his eyes. His shirt has blood all over it. Suddenly I hear more screams from downstairs. This is getting weird. I look at the freshman again and he starts to drool, like a hungry animal. I notice blood on his teeth and dripping down his chin. Fuck this, I think. I start to slowly back away towards my room. Keeping my eye on the freshman. I should be keeping my eyes on the floor because I trip over a lifted spot in the rug. The second I hit the floor he lunges. "What the fuck man?!?? Get off me!" I yell as he pins me to the ground. He starts to lunge at my throat, mouth wide open. I dodge, barely and throw him off me. The only word running through my mind is Shit as I'm sprinting to my room. "Open the door Tyler, open the door!" I scream as I hit our room number. The door swings wide open and the crazy freshman is right behind me when I slam it closed. Thank god for thick fire doors.

"What the hell was that about Jase?"

"Did you not see any of that?"

"No... I've been listening to the radio. They're saying to lock your doors and barricade."

"What...? What for?"

"Some crazed maniacs running around biting people."

"Really? I just ran into one of them."

"Shit man you okay?"

"Yeah, fine."

"Lets look outside real quick... Maybe the police are here, they can help."

Tyler and I start to head towards the window, anxious about what we'll see. I look outside and scan what's in my vision. I realize with a pang of terror that the dead girl is gone. "Tyler, where's the dead girl that was on the grass out there...?"

"I don't know man, she was laying right there, her throat was tore open, she couldn't have moved."

The End

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