Chapter 2

John was could still smell the wretched scent.

I don't see any thing else out here.  There must be a car or something in the town.  Perhaps enven a explenation to what happened here.

John slowly turned round and walked back twoard the town.  As he walked back into the town, he looked in a diferent store.  He swallowed hard as he looked in.  Nothing.  No bodies.  He opened the door.  The shop appeared to be a souvenier place for tourists.

What is going on!  Am I dead?  Is this some test?  WHY AREN'T I REMEMBERING ANYTHING!  John sat down and cried.  Suddenly a door creaked open John leaped up at the sound.  WHAM!  A skeleton fell out from behind the door.  Bones splintering into sharp bits of eaten calcium.  John moved formard an inch.  And looked at the door.  It was a closet.  John walked around the skeleton bits and pushed the door open.  Inside sat a hunters rifle.  He reached out preparing to grab it.

NO!  Idiot.  Last thing you need is to kill something.  Although.......No.  I don't need it.  I'll hide it.  Yes.  In case it comes down to that.  If even anyone's still alive.

He picked up the gun and put it down against the wall.  It came with a bag of ammo next to it.  He kept telling himself to take it.  But if somone was alive, Why would they fight?

The End

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