Man awakes to find himself the victim to a nasty car accident. He also has no recollection of who he is. After searching the around, he finds he is the only one alive.

The awakening process did not happen fast. Not fast at all. He remembered being in an almost dream like state. Dreaming of people, people he knew well, although he couldn't tell what they looked like or what their relation was to him. He then remembered slowly shifting between consciousness and unconsciousness, and everything in between.

When he first awoke, things still felt very surreal, and it took him a while to realize that he was awake and that he had been dreaming. And in a way, it was as if he was still dreaming. He didnʼt know where he was. It didnʼt feel familiar at all. Nothing did. He didnʼt recognize the clothes he wore either, which for some reason was one of the first things he thought of.

He was in a car. It had nice leather interior with a few items (he didnʼt know if they were his or not) scattered in the back seat and passenger seat, which was to the right of him (which told him he was in an American car). The dashboard was crushed, and it took him a few minutes to see why that was. He looked outside the window shield, which was cracked very badly) and saw a . . .

His mind blanked out for a moment as he had to think of a word.

Tree! Thatʼs the word. He realized the front of a car was molded to a tree. He must have crashed, he decided.

And thats when it hit him. He realized for whatever reason he had not realized before. He didnʼt know who he was. He didnʼt know where he was. Nothing seemed familiar, and although he knew things, such as how to speak and what a car was, he had no memory prior to waking up. Nothing at all. He couldnʼt remember a single moment of life before that.

He sat there a in silence for a little while, hoping that something would come back to him, but it did not. He looked around, and saw blood everywhere. He felt his head, and looked at his hand, finding that it was soaked in blood. Thatʼs all, he thought, I just hit my head. Just a little . . . amnesia! thats what its called! just a little amnesia.

He got out of the car and stepped onto grass. He looked down at himself. He was wearing dark blue jeans, and a plaid flannel over a white undershirt. It had black blood stains allover it, which he found had come from his head, but that the rest of his body was relatively okay.

He looked around. He was standing outside a car on the edge of a highway, the carʼs front molded around a large tree. On either side of a highway were forest and greenery. He thought about asking someone for help, but the highway was completely vacant.

With nothing left to do he checked his pocket, finding a leather wallet. He opened it and checked his ID. He found that his name was John White, born 1990.

Oh great! that means Iʼm . . . He started to think, but he then realized that he didnʼt know the year, so he didnʼt know how old he was. He guessed around at least 30 or so.

He then checked his wallet for money, and found that it had only two dollars. The other thing he noticed is that he had no credit card.

Well this is great, He cursed, Iʼm a dude in the middle of the highway somewhere who canʼt remember who he is and has an ENTIRE two dollars!

He kicked the edge of the door, and sat there for a moment. He felt extremely surreal. He had just been born into this world, at least to him, but yet he still knew it was a world.

When looking into the car for something else that he might recognize, he caught a glimpse of his reflection. What he saw scared him. In fact it made him freeze. But it wasn't the fact that he looked so ragged and sleep deprived, or even that he a large bash on his for head with blood running past his eyes on down his chin. No. What scared him was that he could not recognize his own face.

The End

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