A Friend in Need

I have a friend going through tough times and I felt inspired to write this.

I suppose I should start from the beginning.

A few days ago, I was urged by a friend of mine (or forced, rather) to make a tumblr account (that I regret undoubtedly; that place scares me).  I knew I was never going to be on the thing, so I did what she asked.  The one issue with that, however, was some information in her bio that she didn't feel comfortable with her friends seeing yet.  I saw the bit that she didn't want to see, and with her permission, can mention it, but won't because I want it private until she is ready to come out with it herself.  I refuse to speak for other people that aren't comfortable saying it themselves.

The next day, I went into school and stayed silent about the whole thing.  Something told me this was something troubling her and wasn't really meant for her friends to know.  Then, I went to my morality class, and it really had me interested.

Our teacher had the class take a personality test based on Myer Briggs' Multiple Intelligence Theory.  If anyone knows me that well, you'd know that psychology intrigues me, especially my own.  Briggs identifies our intelligence with a four-letter code, which I received an INFP.  I went to my chemistry class after religion, and we had a substitute.   Then, fellow protagonizer RoseBrennan came up to me when we finished the assigned work with an hour to spare.

"What code did you get?" I recall Rose asking me.

"INFP," I told her.

It wasn't too strange to find out that Rose and I had the same code.  Someone out of the thirty people in the class were bound to have the same one.

"What does it mean?" I asked.

"Here, I'm reading about it now." She hands me her iPhone with a page open all about INFPs.  I read it thoroughly because I wanted to know if the test I took was accurate.

The test was...eerily accurate.

A lot of the description I read truly did pertain to me, and one statement in particular stood out to me.  I don't recall it exactly, but it was along the lines of "INFPs always tend to see the good in people."  I've always had difficulty ever being able to purely hate someone, and I consider that a gift.  Forgiveness is always something that came naturally to me, and if I ever tell someone to just forgive someone else, it's so difficult to them.  It's never something I truly understood, why it's so simple to forgive someone, even if they never apologize.

Late that night, I received a text from my friend from earlier.  She wanted to talk to me about what I saw when I saw her profile.

"So I'm guessing when you went to follow me on tumblr, you saw a thing in my description that I haven't really told anyone," she told me.

"I didn't think you wanted to talk about it.  I won't say a word to anyone, nor will I judge," the last thing I wanted was to lose a friend because of something that could cause a rift in a society.  I didn't want to widen that gap.

"Yeah. Only Rose and you know now.  Thanks for still being my friend.  You have no idea how happy it makes me that I haven't lost anyone so far." She mentioned how she was nervous about letting her other friends know, and how they would react.

"I can see why you're worried," I told her, being as honest as I could be.  I've never truly dealt with an issue like this, and the last thing I wanted to do was discourage her.

"I just would really like to believe they're true friends like that and don't see me in a different light."

"Listen, if they're not true friends, then there's no reason to associate yourself with them.  Be yourself, and hand around people that enjoy you for who you are.  I've learned that the hard way."  

"Thanks, Eric.  I guess you're one of those true friends."  It seemed like she calmed down a bit.

"I always try and find the good in people," I realized after reading the INFP description, "I've honestly never been able to even hate my enemies.  It's something that just comes natural."

"Yeah, you're always the one to give someone a chance."  This was something I didn't really notice about myself, "That's why I'm glad my best friend and closest guy friend support me."

You learn something about yourself with every passing moment.  Just when you think you know yourself completely, there's so many new things to discover.  This is why I believe life is always worth living, to discover the universe's mysteries, and uncover the ones about yourself that are hidden to you, but can be seen by someone else.  

To everyone who reads this, always do good deeds from the heart, not because there is a Law that will condemn you if you don't, not because the world tells you it's what you should do, but because it is your choice to open your hearts to the rest of humanity.  That, to me, is the true morality: knowing what is right and wrong without a society pushing the weight of theirs on your shoulders.

The End

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