Amir's Monologue

Another English assignment.

I have never felt pain so intense before.
Baba's words sliced like a knife through my chest as my lungs contracted and I gasped desperately for air. My chest burned like it does when I hold my breath for too long and my eyes watered from the pain.
My head span; I crawled to my room and collapsed on my bed.
"There's something missing in that boy."
Yes, Baba.

It hurt most the way he'd compared me to Hassan. He blamed me for letting the servant fight my battles. It wasn't my fault the stupid Hazara stepped in! So Hassan could fight, who cared?! A violent nature hardly made up for illiteracy.
Or a harelip.
I stroked the smooth bedframe, another extravagant luxury Baba palmed off on me. The cool sheets soothed me and breathing became easier as the fire in my chest burnt out. Real tears tracked down my face, over my lips and into my mouth, tasting bittersweet. My eyes fogged over as the fire was replaced with a crushing weight.

The End

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