This was supposed to be an idea I had for NaNoWriMo 2016. To get back in my writing mode, I figured I would just write and see where things go.

In this first chapter, I tried to introduce the scene pretty quickly, introducing our main two characters (an assassin and her target). I have kept the assassins identity secret purposefully, as this will affect the structure of the story (i.e. what drove his or her to this point?). The setting, which I didnt do well at, was my attempt to make it seem

I couldn't do it. Not then. Not now.

Inside the dimly lit room, illuminated by the glow of the neon lights radiating from restaurants and the usual "dive" lounges, disrupted by the audible noises of booze-fuelled enjoyment normally found on Glavonsky Alley, we stand there face to face, the Glock 66 inches away from her heart.

We stand there like two frozen characters in a picture, neither of us sure about the situation. In the apartment, I can hear the constant tick of an old grandfather clock. My eyes dart amidst the darkness searching for signs of any threats, but all I can see are cigarettes, photos and empty beer cans.

This is different from intel, which suggested she was organized and careful. So I figure she only been here for a few hours most, perhaps making a deal with the mafia in exchange for safe shelter.

Complete the deal and your family will walk free, the words from the man in the shadows seem to say to me.

As I stand there, lost in the hopelessness of my predicament, finally she speaks softly but calmly.

"Are you", she pauses, "going to kill me?"

The End

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