When does hopelessness set in? Is it before the tragedy is about to strike. When you can see the bomb about to go off and you know that it is set with the ability to change everything you once knew about the way you lived your life? Is it during the explosion, when you feel your humanity torn from you like the flesh from your bones? Or is it afterwards, when the reality of the new situation you have been thrown into has set in. Life is now baron, no longer real, but no longer a fantasy.

Miami, Florida
May 1st, 2025

The world has become a very different place. Provoked terrorist attacks by the small countries that America has tried to oppress, have torn large pieces of the nation from their life lines of aid and support. The death toll is in the billions.
Between that and the scrambling to retaliate, surviving cities have been ripped apart by gang wars, which have escalated into civil wars. The armies were not fast enough to stop most of the damage as they were all deployed in other countries.
Canada has built a large wall as a border to stop the New York Blood Army. A small gang that quickly escalated themselves into a small army, complete with mobile weapons, small tanks and aircraft. All illegally bought from the black markets.
This uprising has blocked off the entire border of Canada, preventing any assistance from the brother country while it slowly worked itself downwards.
All thats left are the very southern states, Texas is split in two, but its a loosing battle.
Those with enough money have purchased a large island near Hawaii, where they have built a small paradise and safety zone, protecting themselves with samsites and a small army that has been trained and set up around the perimeter.
Included on this island is the current President, many CEO's from large medical insurance companies and a number of other large business owners.
Money is now become the final power in all of this.
Across the world China has been taken over by Japan completely, Australia has been wiped off the map, along with Ireland and France. Africa has been slowly poisoned by noxious nuclear fumes created by bombings on other countries, a retaliation from the US. There have been reports of mutated animals and people but nothing has been confirmed.
The British empire has completely collapsed, the royalty all killed in their sleep and the country taken over by terrorist lobbying groups.
Japan and New Japan, are the only safe zones now for Canadians and American's seeking refuge.
Russia has built a similar wall to Canada, claiming themselves a self proclaimed empire that will be going back to communism once more. Many Chinese political powers and Cubans have ventured there in search of more power.

We have become our own terrorists and in doing so we've doomed ourselves to an existence of futile and stressful life everyday. The life expectancy of a regular American has been cut down to 40. Thats if they die of natural causes.
The waters have begun to dry up, and a natural land bridge has been created from South America to Africa. What will come across, no one is sure, since all communication has been cut off and no planes can venture anywhere in the air without the risk of being shot down.

Morning 7:12 a.m.

You're startled awake by a rattling noise. No doubt some poor fool has met his early morning end trying to scrounge food from one of the local deserted supermarkets.

You shake your head; everyone knows you should wait until midday and the gangs have ventured off towards where the war is being held at the southern most end of the state.

You get up as the rattling stops and look out your window. You're on the tenth floor of what used to be a very posh and upcoming high rise. Now it has become a safe haven for anyone in search of a longer sleep and comfortable beds.

You reach down and grab the bottle of water you managed to dig up last night in the storage downstairs. You take a sip, its warm but it soothes your dry throat.

The air is so very dry these days, so much dust has risen and stuck in the air from many buildings falling down. And from some recent volcanic activity near Miami.

There was no connection made between nuclear blasts and shift plates in the earth, but everyone believes that they do have some kind of connection.

You didn't get much sleep, throughout the night you heard the moans of the undergrounds coming up to search for food. During the civil wars and terrorist attacks a large number of people decided to hide under ground. They started bearing children and most were born blind or with poor vision. Also none could handle the sun's harsh rays on their very pale skin. Now they only come up at night in search of food from whatever they can grab. They remind you of zombies in those old movies you used to watch. You remember one night when they grabbed a man you had shared a room with another town over. They ripped his arms clean off his body.

Life is harder, and stranger, and all these things have happened that no one would have believed. You sometimes find yourself wondering what its like in other countries, like Canada. Or what all this talk about the monsters in Africa is about.

So many scary things happening and you're just a small spec of dust on a very large table. Ready to be wiped away whenever God chooses.

Your thoughts of God bring you further into religion. Why did he let this happen, where is religion now when you need it most. You see that a lot of people have given up on all that, they no longer believe in anything but survival. But once in a while in your travels you may see a broken down church with a small gathering in it, or someone holding worry beads and chanting some unheard prayer.

Theres a lot of walking to be done. Usually you can't stay in the same place for more than week before the gangs break down the door and come find anyone hiding inside. The cities are big but the gangs are large too and its not long before they claim an entire city. Miami has become one of the last places in Florida to be safe.

You think about Orlando, apparently a ghost town, no one will go there, and no one will talk about it. You have no idea why. There is something strange there, and dark. You wish you had had a chance to take your children there. Back when they were still alive.


The End

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