"Americano" - How did Gaga first meet Beyonce?Mature

Gaga meets a beautiful prostitute on the tough streets of LA. Her street name was bubbles, because of her luscious curves, but Gaga called her by her real name... Beyonce. When Gaga kills Beyonce's boss in order to free her from this life of prostituation, the two women flee LA on a wild police chase. In order to escape capture, they go their seperate ways, Beyonce disappearing into the shadows of her past, but she is only a Telephone call away... as for Gaga, she remains firmly in the public ey

Lady Gaga sat in her studio appartment on that scorching Friday afternoon, with scrolls of paper and large paintbrushes, preparing for tomorrows Gay Rights march. It had been months of planning and putting up posters around LA, but the time had almost come. She could have done the march in her hometown of New York, but she thought she would save her dear old parents the trouble of seeing men of all ages, shapes and backgrounds in little or no clothing, and their international superstar daughter riding a metal unicorn sculpture, strapped to the top of a car. She was thinking about having the march around Nebraska, so that her good friend (and ex) Luc Carl could see their dreamchild brought to life, but Nebraska was a bit isolated and out of the way. Los Angeles however, was a hive of activity, filled with gays, lesbians, paparazzi, celebrities, good weather, and plenty of clubs for afterwards. And another main reason that Gaga decided on LA was due to the amount of men and women she knew here that were homophobic. Two of her ex's lived not far from where the march would be taking place, and these two men were extreme homophobes, hence why the relationships ended. She couldn't wait to scream out the chorus to "Born This Way" on top of this metal mythical creature, in the hope that all the homophobes of LA would learn the error of their ways... or at least feel uncomfortable and awkward and grey in a sea of rainbows. Imagining the look of horror and disgust on their faces tomorrow, it was enough to make her laugh out loud.

The phone began to ring at about 8 that night. She ignored it at first. She was busy painting the "PEACE" symbol on her banner. If it was important then they would call back... and they did. About 10 minutes later the phone rang again. Gaga got herself up with some difficulty, her back sore after being arched over with a paint bruch for hours. She was meant to take a break about lunch time, but she got too caught up in her work and coldn't stop. Picking up the reciever, she held it to her ear and twirled the wire around her finger. "Hello? . . . hello?" There was silence, and then a grumbling as a voice tried to reach Gaga. "You've called me, but I can't hear a thing." Just then, a familiar laugh managed to break through, and Gaga knew who it was, "Oh, hello honey. how are you?" 

The service then becamemore audiable, and Luc replied, "I'm all good thanks, Mamma."

"You should really get a new phone." Gaga laughed.

"What was that?"

"I rest my case...I said you-should-get-a-new-phone!" 

"Oh no, I heard you, but how could you suggest such a thing?" Mr Carl sounded insulted.

"Oh... I didn't realize...how could I be so cruel?" Gaga gasped sweetly and put a hand over her mouth in shock.

"Do you remember the name of my phone? huh? Let me hear you say it."

"Do I have to?"


"Really, honey bee?" Gaga sat down on the floor, the phone wires circling her.

"I wanna hear you say it." Luc whispered. Gaga shivered. His voice was so husky. She loved it.

"I believe the name of your telephone is... Lucky Little Lucy." Gaga smiled like a little girl at the memory in her mind.

"And you remember why I called her that?"

"I sure do. You find the phone in a  ditch by the side of the road and took it home to fix it up. Turned out it didn't need fixed and it was in perfect working condition... WAS..."

"Well she still looks good. Still shiny and clean. Just because it doesn't satisfy me, it looks good as decoration."

"You can't just keep a broken telephone because it looks nice."

"Sure I can." his voice began to fade out again.

"Is that why you kept me?"

"...What?" Luc's voice became serious.

"Well I wasn't satisfying you... but you stayed with me..."

"That was different, baby."

"Was it? Really?" Gaga lay down on the floor and rolled over, the telephone wires hugging her tanned body.

"We never saw one another, I missed hearing your voice, that's why I had to end us."

"Well that phone is gonna die out soon, and when it does, you're deffinitely gonna be missing my voice." 

"What's brought this on? I thought you were over this?"

"Over it? How could I ever get over You & I?" 

"I had no idea you still felt this way."

"Luc, you ended it. You had braced yourself for the impact. I was the one who had no life vest when we abandoned ship!" She rolled over again, and the phone wires began to creep up towards her neck. She notcied this and broke free from the snake like wires.

"I'm sorry." Luc was sincre, and Gaga knew it. She calmed down slightly.

"So am I, Luc... I guess that phone's just luckier than me... it was able to find its way out of that ditch... i'm still stuck." and she hung up.

She didn't know what it was when talking to her ex, but she could go from being his best friend to his worst enemy in the space of a second, or at the thought of how he left her. She was still hurting, and after 6 years, she knew for sure that something must still be there for him. She just wanted to forget about him, and move on. Working over-drive was sometimes her way of attempting to forget, but he would always be just a song lyric away. 


The End

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