America the Brave

I speak these words in vain

as i am a human unable to hide the pain

or my agression from the opression of America the brave

to ignore is to be blind, to address is to be opressed, to run away and never look back would perpetuate the wrong doings of America the brave

good things happen to those who wait

"those" who are patient enough to wait in the rain for the "new" releases of jordans that seemed to have come out last year, for the homeless man on the corner to finally drop the beer, for the government to stop telling us things they want us to hear, for these young womens fathers to put "they are beautiful" in their daughter's ears so when these young men cheer and holler for these fathers daughters to "come here" that young woman will understand that the stress this young man is about to put in her ear is a mere fear of what her father never wanted her to suggest because he though "how could his little girl not already understand that"?

Land of the free home of the brave is what we crave

to our souldiers who fight until they are put in their grave i salute you i salute you for protecting our name defending the weak, being brave, for understanding we're in a life or death situation and America sinking under the flood of the rain

Violence sweeps through the nation and a large ratio decides to participate thinking this will somehow make the water evaporate

all this does is penetrate insanity, stabbing the back of the "land of the free" flooding the history of what America was meant to be , leaving us out to look look for the things we cannot find in books

but when humanity screams for freedom, justice and equality America gets a little shook because they can't seem to gather why we want where we came from...

well maybe its because we want to know if we have a chance

Apparently if I disagree with what America says im a freak

Apprently if I cant seem to grasp why people dont practice what they preach im an individual who cant sustain to be ordained as anyones light when they have dark times , as the mother to mother nature in her darkest of times

My fellow Americans , this is war!

this subject is a little boring its been re-used, renewed, twisted and turned even still there are lesson to be learned

America, America i shed my light on thee

only you speak for you

let me speak for me

The End

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