Faith can move mountains , Inspiration can get you started.We always like giving up in life when the going gets tough,but then we encounter a source inspiration which makes us do even better.We just need to find it.My story revolves around a young 22 year old lazy laid back youngster whose life meets a tragedy when he loses his entire family to a car crash leaving him to fend for himself and his niece Amelia.Having lived a life of depending entirely on his parents and brother,he must face the co

Chapter 1:
"Chacha am hungry, i want MC Donald's", said the cute little four year old girl in her broken unclear English, looking towards John, who had just come home from his office and was searching for his T shirt in her room.He quickly turned around and checked his pant pockets.There was nothing in the right one and then in the left one he found 10 rupees.Acting normal he walked towards Amelia and replied quite jokingly but convincingly"uh.... um mm actually beta , Mcdonalds is not open today ,they have a holiday today, we will go next week."Amelia looked convinced and shook her head in agreement.But then paused for a moment and kept thinking and suddenly squeaked "if today is holiday then we can go tomorrow also".John almost realized that there was no point convincing her any further and said "okay, we will go tomorrow",rather uncharacteristically.Amelia smiled and then went back to glancing at the streets from their rented 2 bedroom apartment .John had decided to rent their plush five bedroom apartment to pay the loans his father had taken.John went back to his bedroom and laid down on his bed without changing his clothes.He was quite tired as he had spent the whole day running around offices to get his fathers construction project sanctioned.Laying on his bed he rubbed his hands on his eyes and gave out a huge sigh of relief.He kept thinking to himself that if Amelie's parents would have been there they would certainly have treated her to whatever she wanted.He kept thinking of the good old days with his family and slowly started dozing off.But every time he closed his eyes he would wake up again suddenly thinking about all the chores that were left to do.He had to makes dinner for Amelia, put their clothes in the washing machine,put Amelia to sleep and some more chores.It kept ringing in his mind that he had to do these things before sleep.But he just didn't want to get up.Quite annoyed by being in and out of his sleep he quickly took out his mobile phone from his pocket and set the alarm at half an hour from the current time."I'll sleep peacefully for half an hour and then get up and do everything,problem solved!!!",he grumbled to himself.He put the mobile phone beside his pillow and went to sleep with a satisfied smile on his face. 

The End

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