Green Blood

Rafa was on his feet and had raced back into the clearing. With speed, he leaped onto the veranda and closed the main door of the hut behind him, bolting it. Normally he would have taken more time with such a procedure, as so not to entice the predator, but this one was already in obvious anger. The growl was of a canine quality. Almost unheard of in the Amazon, and it was far too loud to be a bush dog. Rafa opened a small block window beside the door and awaited the animal, eyes narrow and precise.

After another rustling of the bushes, the creature finally emerged from the outskirts of the forest. Poking its skull from the trees, Rafa saw that it was indeed a wolf. At least that was how it appeared in the dark. The animal had a long snout that was broad with black eyes, pitched ears and a muscular neck. It was also clearly carnivorous, with a set of jagged teeth, some of which were visibly broken, protruding wildly from the jaw. The wolf was grey in color with a white mane and strange hoof-like claws. Interestingly the limbs of the beast were unusually large for a canine that appeared to move awkwardly from side to side as it ran forward.

It was like nothing he, or anyone else had seen before, felt Rafa. His experience with such an animal was miniscule. After a while, Rafa decided to allow the wolf to explore the clearing, making sure it did not get too close to the house. Physically larger than a jaguar and without doubt more aggressive, it would have been futile to have attempted communication. The wolf prowled around, circling the house for over an hour. Was it laying siege to the hut?

Tiredness was beginning to sink in to Rafa. The nocturnal instincts of the wolf would eventually drive it away before sunrise, but that was many hours away. Rafa did have a rifle, but had never killed an animal when unprovoked or attacked. He knew it was best to let nature take its course, besides he didn't want to wake Sofia who, oblivious to the intruder, was in bed and sleeping. After a battle with his thoughts, the decision was suddenly made for Rafa. Ultimately taken out of his hands.

The wolf choked. In yet further disillusion, Rafa watched as the mighty creature swayed on its paws and fell howling onto its back. Rolling in the dust snarling and biting at the air and its own flesh, the wolf suddenly and dramatically succumbed. After several minutes of caution, Rafa opened the house door and raced over to the body. Lying, with its head at an obtuse angle and legs static, he knew the wolf was dead. However something else then caught the naturalist's eye. The same thing that had left his hand with a black mark. The green ooze.

It was all over the wolf's body.

The End

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