Rafa and Sofia

Sofia was twelve years younger than Rafa. She was also, in her husband's words, 'forever in her prime'. Sofia was extremely beautiful, an 'angel of the forest'. She had dark hair that was long and smooth, with matching eyes that sparkled in the sunset. Despite her junior years, she was as bronzed as Rafa and had just as much love for animals, a catalyst for their relationship.

They sat next to one another and enjoyed watching the sun vanish behind the hills in the distance. They shared the rest of the beer and embraced in a siesta that was yet even more refreshing. The smell of Sofia's grilled fish with pine nuts, cut beans and rice was heavy in the air and she could taste it on Rafa's lips. It had been a satisfactory evening. The couple were now absorbing the silence, letting it take them away.

The small house, built from the resources of the forest itself, was circular and trimmed with a patchwork of sticks and leaf decor. The hut had a cone of green and brown vegetation that had hardened over the years. It was not an easy place to find, Rafa and Sofia lived away from their families and didn't receive many visitors. Some of the smaller animals occasionally migrated there in search of food and shelter but were very much welcome. This night would be very different.


The End

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