The Amazon rainforest plays setting to a story of discovery. Creatures, undiscovered and driven to the brink of extinction resurface, some harmless and others deadly. Rafa - an experienced local - is the first character to encounter the strange new beasts.

Rafa watched as the bustle of swirling red blue and yellow mixed together with the warmth of the sun circled high above and then swooped down low. The Macaw glided effortlessly onto a nearby branch and came back into focus, standing majestically and tamely to the right. Rafa admired the beauty of the animal with its rich color and striking posture, for such a common sight it was always a pleasure to behold the Macaw. Rafa never knew if it was the same one as before, but it didn't matter, he never had to search for it. The creature was one of a number of fantasies that visited him at his home, a place known as Sol Costa, situated  on the outskirts of the Amazon rainforest.

It was sunset as the bird took flight once more, sealing the picturesque red, clouded sky. Time passed quickly when in the company of such a brilliant mixture of wildlife, plants, landscapes and horizons but Rafa never aged, at least not inside. To him the place was the same as it had always been, ever since he was a small boy, and he treated it the same, enjoying every moment lacking in hurt, pain or despair. It never worried him, how one day the glorious forest might disappear as fast as the Macaw from its branch. Rafa had taken the knocks, the deforestation program, tropical storms, the extinctions of some of his most loved species. Rafa remained as calm and relaxed as anything with whom he shared his home.

At 42 Rafa owed his younger appearance much to the lifestyle that he led. He was a short man, with bronzed, leathery skin and dark gentle eyes that never appeared to flash downwards, his hair was shaved closer than his beard.  The warm, yet changeable weather. His strict but colorful diet and positive energy that was broadened by not just the sights of the Amazon but by his wife Sofia. As Rafa drank a beer - ice cold - on the bamboo veranda wearing his red and green striped shirt buttoned down to his chest, Sofia came to join him.

The End

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