Dreamlike Reality

Birds sat atop a small castle tower, staring at me unnervingly. I blinked hard. Why were they looking at me like that? Almost as if they were shocked to see me. Impossible.

Swirl nudged my shoulder with her snout. Rolling off my back, I pushed myself off the mossy ground. Some areas showed that underneath the moss was stone. Ancient if I had any judging of age.

Gingerly I stood up and gasped at the sight of one huge castle, going on forever in all directions. In the distance I saw a forest growing right out of walls, and in turn, becoming the castle.

An ocean was the only part that was not man-made, weaving itself in and out of towers, courtyards, and buildings. Could a castle be divided into buildings?

"Where are we Swirl?"'

She gazed up at me, no answer in her eyes.

The End

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