My first life was probably a lot like yours. I grew up on an acreage, with my sisters and brother, and with my parents. And of course, with a dog.

No one thinks much of having a dog except that it is normal. Some people have two or three dogs or more. We had one dog at a time, only going a few months between animals.

I had never thought that each dog was really a guardian posted at our home to protect me. Why should I have? Would you think such a thing? A dog is a pet. A beloved pet that is an important part of the family, but certainly not a magical guardian. One could argue that all dogs are brave soldiers, keeping their master's family and grounds safe.

But you don't care about my first life. You only want to know my lives after - the lives with magic, and defending the worlds from monsters your mind wouldn't dare dream of.

So I guess I will start at the beginning. The time right before I died and became Amaya.

Are you ready?

The End

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