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"Nora, dear sister. What have you done to agitate these people so? What has caused them to eye you with reverence yet hold you at arm’s length?" His tone was sarcastic, hinting at mockery. His eyes fell upon the child that had backed away from his sister. "Come now son of Adam there is nothing to fear..." The boy glance up to his mother then quickly raced around Nora, only to cling to Lance for security.

Nora glared at Lance, more so when he teased her. Soon she watched the boy run around her and to Lance. She pressed her lips together and hung her head. Then she wrapped her arms around herself, frowning.

"Yang..." the boy said, clinging tighter to Lances white robe.”What is your name?" Lance picked the boy up in his arms, looking him straight in the eyes. "Dear son of Adam, I am Lance..." his voice cut out but he wanted to continue. Stupid humans and their godless rituals! Lance turned to his sister. "And so what have you called me for, dear sister, has a hunger of the flesh infected you so quickly?"

When Lance teased her again she turned. She was crossed with him. "They wished for you to be here..." Then she moved to walk closer to him. Many of the crowd surprise how dainty and smell she was compared to Lance. She stared up at him with her silver eyes. These humans will mess up the balance more... Lance… Seriously! What should we do! She frowned before another man came up.

“Yes! Holy Yang! We need to perform the ritual! The world is being destroyed! We have to wear masks to protect ourselves!” It was true; many the people were wearing masks over their mouths. Only a few, barely ten people, weren’t wearing masks. “The drug has backfired! We need your help!” Nora turned to the man and he stepped back.

“The drug? What drug?!? What did you foolish humans do?!?” She yelled at him. He shrank away from her more.

Lance placed the child back on the ground, giving him a reassuring grin. His sister’s outburst, terribly unbecoming of her form. "Calm dear sister, I should hate for your anger to grow out of control...you never know what might happen." His voice might have sounded like a warning to the humans but hidden between the words was a hint of seductive cynicism. The crowd of people around his sister took a step back. "Tell me," Lance started to the man Nora had ragged at. "What is the cause of all your suffering, you called us..." his eyes flickered with a hidden emotion.”Now tell us, what you have done to bring this tragedy?" 

Nora felt her anger bubble more when he teased her. He was playing right into their hands! He should be fighting it! Then it hit her. The game was still on in a way. He was trying to win them over. Soon she pressed her lips together and glared at him. Then she huffed against, wanting to go back to the field. It hurt her inside. Soon she turned to look at the man.

“The drug!” The man stated and coughed a little. “The scientist… they created a drug to increase the human body. It back fired on us though.” Then he hung his head. “It destroyed their bodies instead. Also it is spreading throughout the world!”

Nora felt her body freeze and she pressed herself against Lance. Her eyes widen. “A drug… And…” Then she closed her eyes and felt weak. “Lance…” She muttered and turned around. This was worse than war! Then she pressed her lips together before she glared at the man. “Anything else?”

“We need to perform… a ritual to save humanity! We need you two!” A young woman cried out. 

Lance almost wanted to burst out laughing, the whole thing was hilarious. Every glare his sister shot him, filling his insides with warmth. If the events kept up as they were, it would be check, checkmate, and game! He wanted to whistle and dance at the mere idea of it all. But when she clung to him his heart melted a bit. The memory of the field hovering in his mind’s eye, no. He shook the thought from his head. The game must continue.

"Daughter of Eve," he called to the woman gesturing for her to step forward. Her eyes widened a deep amount of awe and respect contained within her eyes. The respect...it reignited the flaming hunger deep within him. "Tell me the ritual you speak of...why it that my temper mental sister and I need a ritual is?" his eyebrows rose curiously to the woman.

Nora felt that moment of relaxation from him. She smiled a little when she noticed this. No, she knew his weak spot. Her! Soon she turned to glance at him before noticing the woman's eyes lighting up.

"The ritual... is to be performed with Yin and Yang. In the center of the town they go through a series of motions and words. In the end it should destroy the virus!" She stated happily. “Please say you will help us! We need you both!”

Nora soon smirked and leaned into her. “Of course you need our help. That is why we are here foolish daughter of Eve.” She cooed softly and winked at her. “Of course I will be happy to help clean up your mess… But… We will need to see the written version of this ritual! We don’t want to mess up now sweetie.” She chided. Two can play this way she decided. Be ready Lance.

Lance grinned; it was nice to see his sister pick up the gauntlet. "I agree with my sister, but while you are busy penning this ritual..." he tossed a wicked smile at his sister "Why don't you bring out those who are ill, so that I may tend to them." The woman bowed, tears of joy gushing happily from her eyes.

"Oh thank you, Yang, thank you." He raised a hand at the woman’s joyous resounding.

"Please, daughter of Eve...call me Lance." Whispers of excitement and joy fluttered throughout the crowd of humans as some raced off to find their ill kin. "Nora, I do think that you will not be needed for such a...holy, practice. Though I would be more than happy if you watched." A sadistic tremor of joy, teasing behind his glimmering eyes. 

Nora stared at Lance when he talked about healing the sick. Soon she pressed her lips together before she turned around. Her eyes glaring at him. You can't do anything like that and you know it.  Then she looked at the people who were gathering around him. Her eyes widen at this. All of these people fathering around to be healed! Soon she moved close to Lance.

"Why waste your power Lance! If you make him waste all his power he’ll be too weak to do the ritual.” She scoffed. “He doesn’t have much stamina, the weak angel. But if you WANT to be selfish and not help the world… then that’s fine. I dig that.” She shrugged before she looked up at Lance with considered eyes. Slowly begging him not to try and heal these people. He might kill them rather than help them! Her silver eyes were shining with tears and she moved closer to him. “Right Lance? No stamina what so ever…”

A grin trailed across his lips at the tears forming in his sisters eyes. Whoever said I planned on healing them? A woman pushed her young daughter before him, she was sobbing and pleading for him to heal the girl who looked no older than 7.

"My lady," he started to the woman. "I cannot cheat death but I will heal this child." His eyes turned to Nora, a war starting within him. He knew what would happen the second any power of his touched her. "I will only heal one, dear sister, it is the least I can do. Plus it is my duty..." he added a bit more softly "as an ang-" the word would not leave his lips. It was frozen there.

Silent he turned to the child and placed a hand upon her head. A few hushed words pasted his barely parted lips. The child stiffened then collapsed into his arms. "While I cannot heal your grievous mortal mistake, I can still guide those of faith through the gate. Give me a few hours with this child, now be gone!" he said slightly raising his voice. “I think my sister and I need to share a few words.”

Nora frowned more. I know you're not healing them! You can't! She looked up at him before she down at the girl. Her eyes widen while she watched him hold her.

"N..." She bit her lip though. When the girl collapsed in his arms her eyes widen. Then she frowned when the people started to leave. She took the girl back before raising her foot. Soon she kicked him in the stomach to send him backward.

“How. Dare. You!” She hissed before hugging the child close. Then she moved to kiss the child’s forehead. Her white tribal markings were glowing while she gave the child a breath of life. She sat the girl down and watched her glow white also. Once more she glared at her brother. “You could have killed her! An innocent 7 year old girl!” Nora stepped closer to him and looked at him with disgust and hurt. The child behind her though was slowly opening her eyes.

“Mommy?” She asked weakly. Nora then pulled away from Lance and wiped the tears away from her eyes. She couldn’t even help the humans because they all believed she was Yin! Lance had too much leverage in the game.

Lance stared at the child, a part of him wishing to rip the child's soul from its mortal coil. The other half just stared down at her sorrowfully.

"There is a reason I stayed my powers Nora, while you may have thought I was blindly using my abilities...you forget that this is still a game. I spared that child as a courtesy to you." He scowled as if the thought tasted sour upon his lips. Turning away from his sister he looked toward the rising darkness. Electricity visibly running along his marked arm. The black mark began to shift and writhe, Lance pulled his robe over the mark. "I shall see you tomorrow dear sister. Enjoy the night." he grinned darkly and walked off into the city.

The End

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