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Nora looked down at a mother who saw her. Slowly she kneeled down to her and looked her in the eye. “Daughter of Eve…” She whispered and pressed her lips together.

“It’s you… the legendary Yin! The demon! Here to save us!” She cried. “Where is your other half? The angel? We need both Yin and Yang to finish the ritual.” The mother hugged her child and stood up. “Alert the city! They have come! We must find both of them! Alert the world!”

Nora gasped when one of them took her hand. She blinked softly and opened her mouth. No words came out though and she bit her lip. “Ah…” When she tried again there was the same outcome. Soon she was being lead to the center of the town. Another ritual? When would these people learn?

Farther away on the other side of the city, Lance casually glanced around. Excitement filled him and seeped from his pores; this was going to be even more fun than when Hitler was around. A figure sat curled near a filthy gutter, eyes closed. The tiny boy's breathing was raspy and shallow. Walking over to the boy, Lance stood over the child, his shadow blocking the sun. The boy's eyes cracked and looked upon Lance. His eyes shot wide open and he immediately sat up.

"Hello son of Adam," Lance said grinning. The boy looked speechless, in awe of who stood before him. Lifting a shaky finger the child pointed to Lance.

"You! You're the Angel daddy talked about. You’re the legendary Yang, come to save everybody." Lance stood stunned at the child. Before a word could pass his lips the child’s dirty hand grasped Lance's robe. "Come I have to show you to daddy, everyone is going to love you." The smile on the boys ratty face seemed oddly out of place as he pointed towards a broken down building in an awful state of disrepair.

The child lead lance in through a broken glass window, fragments of the once shiny material crumpled on the ground. "Daddy," the boy called out happily "I found him, daddy, I found the angel." Lance looked at the kid, thrown off by the Childs happy demeanor. A shadow shifted within the building and stepped forth. A gruff old man, with graying hair looked upon Lance.

His eyes lit up the second he met lances silver gaze. The father dropped to the floor in a bow, dragging his son too his side. "Oh mighty Yang, angel, savior. We have long awaited your arrival." The man and his boy stood, pulling him out into the streets. People began to suddenly appear from the surrounding infrastructure. "Tell us angel what is your name?" Lance furrowed his brow, trying to put his words together."Lance..." he finally managed. "And where is the other?" they asked.

Meanwhile Nora stopped and looked around. She was in the middle of the city and everyone was gathering around her. Many were too scared to touch her though.

"Hello Yin! Please, tell us you name."

Soon she blinked softly. "Nora..." She stated softly. "My name is Nora." Then she looked around. Stupid humans! Soon she crossed her arm and scoffed.

"Where is yang?"

Nora pressed her lips together. "My brother entered the city in a different section.” She explained to them and sighed deeply. “I have no idea what he is doing.” This wasn’t good though. Her mouth was sealed by the ritual.

“We must find him!”

 Nora sighed softly before she soon ran her hand along the white tribal marking on her arms. Her fingers traced over the lines while she cooed softly. "I'll find my brother." She told them before she closed her eyes. Lance... Lance... Come to the middle of the town. It seems that instead of playing our game... we must play theirs. Then she looked up while one of the young women moved to look at tribal markings on her arm.

“Nora, almighty Yin, your markings are white! That is so odd for someone so dark.” She stated.

Nora looked at her and cocked a brow. Then she pressed her lips together. The woman stepped back. “Well that is obvious…” She stated before she touched the mark. “My brother has the same marking on his right arm, in black.” Soon she turned to look around. Then she stomped her foot. Where is he?

Lance shifted uncomfortably when he heard his sister's calling. He did not appreciate being called like some mongrel pup. Placing his hand on his white robe, he pushed back the sleeve causing a gasp to rise from the crowd. "The Angel," one cried "He is marked so darkly, how curious." Lance's face fell statuesque as he shut his eyes and traced the lines along the mark.

Electricity seemed to spark through his skin as he reached out for his sister. "I am in no mood for more of your trickery, petty girl. Though I will indulge you with a quick visit, if only to sate your sinister needs." Lance grinned when he opened his eyes. "Come," he called to the people. "My sister wishes an audience, am I am always happy to oblige."

Nora pushed her sleeve up more so that her mark was free. Then she tapped her foot, feeling so impatience. Then she heard the voice ring out in her mind, his voice. Nora replied. It is these humans who bid you. There is no trickery about it! Soon she turned around to look at the crowd by her. She cocked a brow. It was odd how they stayed away from her. Slowly she kneeled down and looked down at one of the little boys. She held out her hand to him.

“Hello there, small son of Adam.” She cooed softly.

The boy looked down at her hand and looked back up at Nora. Then he looked to his mother. Nora pressed her lips together. “I will not hurt you…” Soon she stood up. “I am here for your needs! You called my brother and me here! Now understand this.” A huff left her lips before she looked down at her white marking. Then she turned to see her brother coming along with his own group. Her eyes narrowed, noticing how they did not fear him. “Of course….”

The End

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