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Nora awoke when the new sun hit her face. Her nose scrunched up before she shook her head. She focused her eyes to open before groaning. To wake up in the morning was odd to her body. It was a luxury she was not use to. Slowly she rolled over on her hands and knees. She stretched and bent her body, getting her muscles ready for the new day. They protest loudly, making her groan. Then she turned to see Lance sleeping beside her. His frame rested on the grass next to the imprint of where she had just been sitting. The sight caused another smile to grace her lips before she reached out to him. Her hand wiped under his eye. Then she caressed his skin. Nora found herself lying back down beside him, playing with the soft white hair on his head. “Lance… Always so strong for me… Do you forget that I am not as dainty as I seem?” Her question was meant to be unanswered while he slept on. This left her happily enjoying the fact that she could watch him sleep.

Lance shifted and his brow furrowed, slowly his stealing eyes opened to see his sister next to him playing childishly with his short white hair. A broad grin spread across his face as he swatted her hand away. She grinned sheepishly back and sat up, the morning sun just creasing the horizon. It felt like a luxury to wake in it's rays, he looked to the sky. Now he wished for his eyes to grace the luminous shape of the moon. "Lost in thought again are we?" Nora teased. He let a light chuckle escape as he sat up next to her, how long had it been since he had laughed. A crease formed across his forehead, he couldn't remember.

Nora chuckled softly when his hand brushed her away. It was nice while it lasted. Soon she moved to sit up and looked at the sun. It was nice. Then she glanced back at Lance to see him staring at it. She teased him lightly about it. Then she stood up, his laughter ringing out in her ears. Soon she smiled at her brother. It had been so long since his laughter had reached her ears. While she combed her hair through her fingers she hummed. The one pain of such long hair was how much time she spent on grooming it. Soon it was in its usual low ponytail. Then she prodded him with her dainty foot. “It is time to find the closest town dear brother… We have our power back and we need to collect information.” There would be no saying no to her this time.

Lance watched his sister standing over him, his gaze and movements grew still as if taking in the last few moments of peace between them. Finally he nodded and stood, stretching his legs and flexing his muscles. "I'm interested how they receive us this time" he said, finding it almost humorous. "They thought we were going to just snap our fingers and fix the world." He shook his head at the stupidity of the idea. For once he just wished to not be looked at as a quick fix and maybe as a god. Someone held with reverence and respect. He snorted. Respect was something he had yearned for thousands of years and still his hunger had not been sated. "Alright then, Let us see what humanity has wrought upon itself this time. I won't hold my breath."

Nora closed her eyes while the soft wind caressed her skin. She shivered and rose up on her feet. The joints cracked from the stretch before she held out her hand. "We won't know until we get there. It is pointless to just guess." She rolled her eyes. She felt that Lance dwell too much on the subject. With a small turn on her toe she started to walk on to the town. "I wonder the same thing...” The silence on the land suggests something different then a war. Usually those are very loud.” She scoffed. Another world would make sense. Humanity could never have peace for long. It was just in their human nature to fight against others and come out on top. She pressed her lips together, annoyed already by the idea of another war.

"No sister, War smells so much sweeter than this. War has a song to it that carries across the battlefield like a leaf caught up in the wind. I can tell that this is something created within humanity but..." his voice and expression darkened a bit "It is something that mutated with their greed and their shame." He followed after his sister with a skeptical sense of doubt. Tall, shinning buildings stretched up into the azure sky. They looked liked the points atop a kings crown, glittering like jewels. "What will we do, when we enter this city? I'm not sure that they will welcome us with open arms. I think you remember how they took to our presence in Egypt all those long years ago. How the Pharaohs almost scoffed at us, expecting their petty deities would come and save them." He shook his head but after a deep breath his demeanor shifted into that of a calm almost jubilant person. He could not rest on the past, not when such a promising future was before them. He grinned hoping his sister would fine as much enjoyment as he did.

Nora stopped for a second. Her body was frozen while she took the time to smell and look around her. The smell burned her nose. It was a toxic. Her eyes darken with black before she stepped back. It was hard to swallow. She stared at the buildings before her brother pulled her out. Sometimes she went too deep in her studying. Her arms wrapped around him. "I don't like it..." She whispered. "They have done something worse than the Egyptians though Lance… And that is what scares me…” Slowly she shivered and tried to calm herself. Then she started walking up, a part of her curious about what had happened.

Lance followed after his sister as they drew closer and closer to civilization. His eyes glinted cheerily, whatever was darkening his sisters mood he couldn't tell. The air smelled sweet as freshly savored wine, it's almost tangible taste bombarding his senses. "I do believe that the Egyptians were a bit more entertaining than what we have seen so far, dear Nora. Even Hitler had more sources of entertainment than-" Lance froze on the spot. His movements grew still and his demeanor shifting to a withdrawn stance.

Nora looked over at Lance and frowned softly. He would never understand. This smell was killing the people, she knew, and it didn’t set right in her core. Her hues locked onto the town before her and she bit her lip. When Lance froze she turned to look at him. It was odd that he would stop in the middle of a sentence. Carefully she poked his arm. "Lance... Lance..." She whispered before looking around, trying to locate the source for his sudden change. “What… what about Hitler Lance… Tell me about Hitler…” She cooed and tugged on his sleeve. Nora was no push over, but she found small comfort in having her brother close. In this state he was very pointless to her.

Lance barely heard his sister’s pleas to continue his sentence, his mind not even registering the tugs on his robe. With his silver eyes locked upon the town a heavy tremor ran up his back. Something...no, the balance... he tried to shake the uneasy feeling but it stuck at the back of his mind, creating a lump in his throat. Words tried to leave his lips and failed, after a few moments he composed himself and looked back to Nora trying to hide all the emotions behind his blazing silver irises. "I'm sorry Nora...where was I..." he trailed off unsure about what he had previously said.

Nora scowled when she was ignored. Quickly she scanned the area. It was too quiet! She was angry about that. Noise, lots of noise, was better then this silence! "I swear Lance if you don't-" There was no need to finish her sentence though. Lance's body moved under her fingers and she sighed softly. Then she moved to pull his face down, staring into his eyes. She hated being so short. "No... What the fuck just happened Lance?” She cried and pulled him closer. Her forehead resting against his while she stared into those twin silver hues. “You spaced out on me! What did you feel?!? Tell me!” Her hands angrily pulled on his short hair, but her silver eyes shimmered with worry. It had been scary to feel him so froze. It was as if he was asleep suddenly, leaving her to be all alone.

Lance tried and failed to hide the frown that creased his lips...what he felt, it bothered him. Rocking his core and cracking his cheery resolve. How could he tell her? Her head pressed against his, her eyes trying desperately to peer through his... Oh Nora. A grimace surfaced across his face for a mere moment before his voice returned, his own silence troubling him. "It...It was nothing lets go." He broke eye contact with his shorter twin and looked back towards humanity, his eye burning with rage.

Nora watched the emotions flash in his eyes. She wanted to know what was making such a storm! When he pulled away from her, saying it was nothing, she slowly wrapped her arms around herself. That had hurt, being brushed off. Her lips pressed together before her feet moved closer to him. Her small fingers curled around his robe and she started at the town. Her brother was in rage. She felt the emotion humming under his skin. It raised the hairs on the back of her neck. Another tight swallow passed before she soon stepped in front of him. Her movements picked up speed. What was the smell?!? What had humanity done to set her brother off?!? Why did the balance tip so much?!?

"Nora," Lance said through gritted teeth, looking like an angered dog. "I want you...no, need you to stay at my side. Whatever you see, whatever you smell or feel..." he stopped and glared down at his sister. It had been a long time since he had ever felt anger, the emotion almost felt arcane, flowing through his body. "Do Not Leave My Side." Without giving her a chance to respond, he took her hand in his cold grasp and stared forward. Damn Humanity! his thoughts screamed but his body betrayed none of the rage pent up within his form. If only his sister knew...no he couldn't tell her. If she did discover what they had done...

Nora stopped when Lance called her name. Then she blinked when he hold her to not leave his side. When his hand wrapped around hers, she felt anger build inside. She might be the younger twin, the girl, and the shortest, but in no shape or form was she weak! After glancing at the town she turned to him. All it took was slamming her dainty foot on his and aiming her small hand right into his stomach to get him to release her hands. “Damn it Lance!” She cried and jumped back. “Either you tell me what the fuck you sense or I am going to go find out for myself!” Soon she stepped back again, putting distance between them. “I smell a toxic that the human’s created. I hear the silence across the lands. I feel the decay of human under my feet! I am not stupid! Humanity has fucked themselves over again and you’re hiding information FROM YOUR SISTER who is ON YOUR SIDE!”

A pang of guilt washed over his heart, he knew that she was right. That she was able to handle herself...it was just that sometimes when he looked upon her, knowing of all the darkness in the world. He didn't want any of that for his sister. She deserved so much more, but coddling her like a child would only earn him her scorn. Sighing heavily he cast his gaze away from his sister. All emotion faded from his being. "They summoned us Nora, like petulant children crying out for their mother whenever something doesn't go their way. And while humanity ay have caused all of this." he gestured to the city before them. "They are not on the brink yet, they are nearing it. I felt the foolish ritual they invoked." His gaze darkened as he turned back to Nora. "They know the punishment for summoning us at a time when we are not needed!"

Nora glared at him. She was glad to notice the flash of guilt across his face. When he sighed and looked away, her frown grew. Her arms crossed over her chest and she waited for him to give into her. When he spoke, each word hit her. It opened her eyes and froze her own body. Her ears opening more, hearing their cries and her finger twitched. For a while she was without breath. Then she fell to ground. “We… can not tell them our names… We can not guide them… They have to find us… and they doomed themselves by summoning us too early!” She whispered and looked up at him. “They have… and we can’t… Lance…” Soon she touched the ground with her hands and felt the tears rise in her eyes. “Foolish humans… So impatience…” One single tear fall and hit the ground. Then she slowly stood up and herself off. Her movements stiff, not longer graceful. Slowly she turned and started to walk though. “They won’t find us if you don’t go into the city first… Even then… someone has to notice us for us to be any good now!” She growled. “Fuck! Why didn’t they just kill a sheep! That way we wouldn’t be able to speak to them! IDIOTS!”

The way Nora was hit by every word he said, it almost felt as though he was killing his sister. Each word stabbed her like a dull knife. Lance turned away from her; he could not bear to see her in such an angered and distressed state. The cursing didn’t help either, it just made him feel worse. The humorous part of his personality wanted, deeply, to say I told you so but he held his tongue. Bickering like kids would not do them any favors in this world. "You know how this is going to play out," he said emotionless. "You know that if I set foot into that city first..." He looked back at his sister, her stiff movements almost silencing him. "I didn't ever want to hurt you. But we both know..." he trailed off, silver eyes hitting the dull pavement in an agonizing stare. If only the humans hadn’t been so damn scared of their own mortality.

Nora sighed deeply, her anger short lived again. Then she looked over at him. "I'm not mad at you... I'm mad at them. I'm glad you told me Lance... Just think how upset I would be if I got to deal with this when I entered the city?" She chuckled hollowly. When he addressed the cold, hard, fact about entering the city she frowned. Then she looked down at her feet. Her toes wiggled up at her. “I know…” Slowly she moved closer to him before she slowly pulled him back down to her. She than laid small kissed upon his face. First was on his forehead, second and third on his cheeks, and the last on his lips. “I love you Lance…” Then she was gone. Her body had turned and raced off to the city. She didn’t want to give him the chance to hurt her first. Her eyes hard, ready to make sure that the world ended in peace this time. “Pawn… two spaces forward… Let the games begin.” She stepped into the city and gasped when the humans were suddenly in her vision.

Lance let out a soft chuckle. While those kisses she had bestowed upon him were genuine, he could tell that her eagerness to 'play the game' filled her. She had taken advantage of his depressingly emotional moment. He quietly made a note to himself to never allow her the chance at a head start. "Knight two paces forward and three paces left." He said grinning, taking a more leisurely pace than his sister. As soon as their eyes fell upon him electricity crackled through his skin and around his body. "And so it begins...dear sister."


The End

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