Nora slowly opened her eyes when she felt a sudden pull at her heart. She gasped quietly at the disturbance that greeted her. "What has happened to the world?" She asked the air before she sat up. Her body broke from the earth before she rose gracefully. A step out of her resting place and she looked around for her brother. "Lance... Lance... where are you?"

Slowly she twisted her body around and scanned the area that was before her. Not too far away, Lance felt a bolt of electricity fill his body, jolting him awake. An agitation began to fill his senses. A grin creased his lips, so the world has finally decided to shift. He shifted his shoulders and broke free from the ground, stepping out of his resting place and taking in the world through his liquid silver eyes. "Ah, Nora, I see you've awoken." He said giving her a respectful bow.

Nora paused; her silver hues looked over at her twin. She stepped closer before she tipped her head to him. "That would be correct." Slowly she glanced around once more before resting her sight on Lance. "Something is terribly wrong brother... I wonder what has caused this... tragic state..."

Her voice reflected a worrying tone and her eyes shined with concern. Carefully her dainty feet moved her to the male dressed in white robe, placing a hand on his shoulder. She bore her eyes into him, her silence speaking volumes before she jolted back from him. While cradling her hand, as if it was hurt, she watched the blades of grass in her shadow.

Lance flashed Nora a teasing grin and crossed his arms. "I'm sure, my sister that humans left this world in a tragic state. Such interesting creatures that like to flirt with their deaths." He titled his gaze towards her running his eyes across the black robe she was clothed in. He took a deep breath and shifted his shoulders, using muscles that hadn't been tested in a few thousand years.
"Don't look so scared sister, we have slumbered for years. Enjoy your time above the crusted and withering earth; after all it is the humans fault for the entire world’s...disfigurement.”

Nora frowned deeply before she glared at him. "Well who would of fucking guess that Lance!" Her temper got the best of her with one simple comment. "I meant what the hell did the humans do this time?" She huffed before crossing her arms. Her scolding glare was fixed on her brother as she took a deep breath. She exhaled a second later, counting down from ten.

Lance was right, she had to admit, and she did need to enjoy her time above ground. Sleeping so long made her body feel stiff and tight. She took after Lance’s lead and stretched her muscles out. “It might be their fault, but were left with the dirty work. I feel like a maid…”

"And yet you clean up like a mother chasing after her toddlers." Lance walked next to his sister and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "You should also learn to control that dangerous temper of yours," his voice held a joking tone "I'd hate to be around when you explode." Nora shrank back when he wrapped his arm around her.

Soon she was glaring daggers at the hand, as if she was prepared to chop it off. Another huff left her lips before she brushed off her shoulder, trying to remove his germs. Lance took another deep breath of the air, relinquishing his hold in her sitting in the long grass. "The air reeks of death and violence...Intoxicating, isn't it dear sister. Oh how long has it been since so many of these emotions, fears, and sins have been stirred up?"

"Oh yes... it is wonderful. I just love the smell of death and violence in the morning dear brother." She hissed out before nudging her bare feet against his side. "I don’t know how many years ago… Since Hitler would be my guess…” The wind caught her attention next. She stood, ignoring Lance, and allowed the gentle breeze to fan across her petite body.

Lance stared back at his ornery sister, keeping a grin on his face as he laid back against the ground. The suns rayed stretched down from the sky and warmed his cool skin. "Ahh, Hitler. Interesting man, that German. You know if hadn't been so paranoid and distrusting of the Jews, his plan could have worked. Then maybe you and I would be staring at a different world."

He shut his eyes for a moment and let out a warm breath. Such ignorance and petulance his sister displayed, so unbecoming of the woman she was. He opened his eyes and watched her, waiting for her to sit by his side. "Come, Nora, sit here. The world can wait one more day before we decide to get our hands dirty."

Nora closed her eyes, nodding lightly. The deep rumble of Lance's voice felt like background music. She didn't care about what could have happened. Right now it mattered what was happening right now. When he told her to sit she pressed her lips together. A beat of silence passed before she sat down beside him. She spent a few seconds smoothing over her black robe before her silver hues rested on Lance’s form once more.

“Yes… It is perfectly fine to waste time smelling the roses….” Her tone dry, but she didn’t make a move to go off helping humanity either. Instead she folded her legs to her chest and wrapped her pale arms around them. She stared at nothing before her eyelids closed and left her in darkness.

"Awww, what has put you in such a sour mood?" His liquid eyes turned to his darker clothed sister causing him to purse his lips. Seeing her in such a distressed state, while it excited him it also angered him. He might have been somewhat to blame for her distress but not for it all. He growled a bit under his breath, watching the clouds float lazily by. "Sister, please, speak to me; tell me what bothers you so?" Nora turned her head from him, not a word leaving her lips.

It felt nice to just enjoy the silence and ignore Lance. A sigh leaving her lips before she decided to answer his question. "What is there to say? The world is unbalanced and it sets my nerves on fire. Here we are just sitting, smelling the damn roses, and not doing anything! What is the point in that?" Soon she turned and glared at him. "Answer me that brother dear! What is the point? We are Yin and Yang. Shouldn’t we do something?!?” She cried out.

She was never one to be patient. Then she poked him in the chest. “You may say ‘the world can wait one more day’ but what if it can’t?” Suddenly she stood and stomped her foot. She was angry, restless, and while it was nice to smell the flowers she had too much energy to just sit around. “We should be collecting information and figuring out what humanity did to itself!”

Lance rolled his eyes at his sister’s uncontrollable temper. She definitely didn't gain patience during their long slumber. "The point sister," he said, his voice taking on a dangerous icy tone "is that we need a moment to regain our strength! How long have we lain dormant in the ground waiting for these silly creatures to inevitably turn to self destruction?!"

"They always do and they always will. The problem comes when we just wake up, I can feel it and you can feel it too. The world is in trouble, I get that. But charging in there, head on, without gaining our energy back is pure stupidity!" He sighed and sat up, smoothing out his white robe. If only she actually put some fore thought into her actions.

Nora growled out and dropped to the ground. A long drawn out sigh left her lips, the anger leaving her quickly. It always did. She had a short temper that was easily put out. Still she hated that he was right. Slowly she rubbed her temples. "I'm sorry... I'm on edge... I don't like how much the world has shifted..." She whispered. Then soon lay on the ground.

Her body spread out on the grass and she allowed a moment to pass as she soaked in the rays. It was hard for her to wait, Lance knew this, but it didn’t change that fact. Then she rolled on to her side and looked at him. “It would be nice, for once, if we could wake up and the world wasn’t in trouble… To enjoy the peace instead of the chaos…” A pout rested on her lips.

A knowing smile creased his lips, as much as he enjoyed the shifts in the world he too yearned to spend even a single day lying in the sun and enjoying peace. Who wouldn't after fixing century after century of the same troubles? "Sister, the world is always going to shift. Such is the way that the world is. And while we both would love to lie here and warm our skin in the sun, you know how much you and I enjoy the task of fixing humanities imbalances. How one tries to bring it all down and the other builds it back up...Just like playing dominos."

 Nora played with the grass by her for a while. Still she sulked softly while Lance pointed out the obvious. Soon a heavily sigh left her lips before looking up at her brother with sad eyes.

He reached over and scooped Nora into his lap; she was smaller than him allowing her to curl up. When her twin picked her up, she started to blush. Sometimes it annoyed her just how she could cuddle into him, like a daughter with her father. Still, deep down, she enjoyed it. Carefully she snuggled into his lap. Lance began to hum a soft lullaby that he had always sung to her. The soft melody fluttered through his ears and danced around his skin like translucent crystals.

The gentle lullaby drifted into her ears and the vibrations from his chest caused a smile to grace her lips. It wasn’t long before she joined in with her own humming, feeling patience while she admired the song. Slowly she hid her silver hues from view and cuddled against him more.

He could feel her snuggling against his chest, curling into a tiny ball and hiding her eyes from view. She was humming along with his lullaby, adding harmony to his melody. They were Yin and Yang, Brother and Sister, Dark and Light. He rocked her back and forth, setting his head upon hers and continuing their song. A pain burned in his chest as he thought of the future to come. If only this peace could last. When he finished his song, Nora was still, completely relaxed in his brotherly grasp. She was on the verge of sleep.

Nora enjoyed the lullaby while it lasted. She knew it would come to an end, just like this peaceful day. Slowly her body stilled in his arms, sleeping taking over her form. It was hard to stay awake when the warmth of the son, the comfort of her brother, and the sweet tone of the song was bidding her to rest. Soon she gave up after curling her fingers into his shirt.

Today she would relax. The world could wait one more day before they arrived. Humanity would just have to deal with the delay, because right now she simply wanted to rejoice in the moment of peace also with Lance. Hopeless, she wished that it would last before she allowed the gentle fingers of sleep to wrap around her.

She was asleep in his arms, under the watchful gaze of the falling sun. Carefully he laid her upon the soft grass, making sure not to wake his peaceful looking sister. A quiet yawn passed his lips and he sighed. Even after slumbering so long, the return of his powers made him feel so drained. Pulling his sleeping sister close, Lance lay beside her and wrapped his arms around her. As if that small gesture would protect her from anything.

"Sleep well Nora," he whispered, pulling a lock of her soft hair to the side. "For tomorrow everything will change and for that I am sorry." He could feel her nuzzle even closer to him for comfort. A lump formed in his throat but not a tear passed his shimmering gaze. Tears were something of weakness and while in the presence of his twin, that was something he could not show. Especially when she was in such a peaceful sleep.

The End

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