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Humanity is dying out due to their greedy desires to become perfect. After the failed creation a genetic wonder drug, the human race is dying. People all across the world turn to an old legend about Yin the demon and Yang the angel who will either save the human race or bring it to its knees....



Humans, sometimes they are greedy creatures. When the world failed to die out in the year 2012, humanity began to yearn for a better life. They wanted to become stronger, smarter, and prepared for any unseen circumstance. It was the dream of every person to hold the power. They wanted to be like their comic book superheroes, they wanted to keep the world safe. Not only did they want to enhance the human body to aid in everyday life but they wanted it to become impervious to disease and cancer. Humans wanted increase the chances of survival, they never wanted to fear the end of humanity again.

Scientists were employed from all over the world to create these desired advances for human race. Year after year they worked on the so called “wonder drug” that would give the world what it wanted. Humanity worked together at a back breaking pace to complete their goal. 70 years passed until they finally had a drug worth testing. Many volunteered, hoping that they would be the first super humans. After taking the drug, people were pleased with the rapid was a success. The volunteers became stronger, smarter, and faster. The drug had attached to their DNA changing the person from the inside out. But the affects were short lived; the surge in powers only lasted for a month. Humanity found this out the hard way. 

The volunteers suddenly began breaking down. Their super strength, speed, and intelligence were disappearing, leaving their bodies weaker than before. No cure to be found by the scientists and the volunteers were left in the horrible pain. Soon their agonizing deaths came, all from the drug.  A week later all the volunteers had died. Because the drug attached to peoples genetics it became a virus, spreading like wildfire. The virus started to affect others. One simple cough or any bodily fluid spread by the infected could cause infection and eventually death. Humans were dying. The world began to blame the once upheld scientists, blaming them for inability to discover a cure. Soon the whole world was chancing the side effects, a month of power before an agonizing death was worth it. 

People feared leaving their house, a simple cough in any restaurant sent every person into a tense fit. Even the simple act of hugging or kissing was became feared, if a drop of saliva or sweat infected them it would spell their doom. The goal of increasing abilities and perfecting humanity was now backfiring on them. Friends and families were dying, slowly the human race was coming to an end. Crime began to increase as the death rate skyrocketed. People decided that they would take every chance to live a little before, the virus would take you. It wasn’t uncommon to see minors drinking, having sex, and partying the night away. Other people started breaking into stores and stealing all they could. Gambling their life’s saving because the chance of using it in retirement was sharply decreasing. The world’s aura was now tainted by the virus and humanities reaction to it.

Still some people found a silver lining. They placed their hope in a chance that a cure would be found. Many believed in the legend of Yin and Yang. That when the scales of the world tipped to the extreme, two magical creatures would awaken. The Demon, Yin, and the Angel, Yang, would appear before the human race and restore the world to its natural balance. Humanity began to split itself into two groups, one following Yin and the other, Yang, though they had no inclination as to what the beings would reveal themselves as. The world hoped that was prepared for the ritual to come when these beings woke. One mistake in the ritual and the world would be cast into an unending darkness, like never before. Victory favored the prepared, and the human race hoped that it would favor them one last time. 

The End

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