'Friends?'... MaybeMature

Feeling a little put out, I walked toward the cafeteria with my head hung low. People passed by not noticing the new girl; the freak. I sighed as I sauntered into the commons and glanced around.

A blonde with bouncing curls bounded toward me. Her pink blouse showed her hour-glass figure perfectly as her blue jeans tried to soften the blow of her prominent figure. She smiled at me and held her hand out.

"Hi," she yelped. "I'm Casie."

I grasped her hand and lightly shook it. She smiled brightly.

"I'm A--- Callalily," I replied quickly, determined to make a new start for myself.

"Oh, that is a pretty name," she mused. "I saw you talking to Ambrose this morning."

I blinked. "That was his name?"

"Sure is," she said, tugging me toward a table which had a bunch of guys throwing food at each other. "What did he say to you?"

"Nothing much," I murmured as she sat down and waited paitently for me to ease into my seat.

"He never says much," She said. "Jake, how's your man?"

The guy Casie called to, looked at me and then at her. "He's dealing."

"That's good," She murmured. "Where is he?"

"He went out to eat. Casie," he warned. Casie looked at him, challenging him. "Don't do anything stupid."

"Shove it," she exclaimed as she threw a fry from the guy that sat next to her's plate.

She turned back toward me and smiled. "That's Jake," she explained. "He's Ambrose's right hand man, and my boy friend so I can treat him however I want."

Jake jumped up off of his stool and sauntered around to the seat in front of Casie and plopped down. A deathly grin lay on his lips while he looked at her for an instant before turning to me.

"So you are," he left the sentence open with his smile intact.

Blushing I answered, "Callalily."

"Callalily," he mused. "What a lovely name for a girl and a flower.. Do you know what it means?"

I gulped. Was it me or was Casie's boyfriend flirting with me. I glanced toward Casie in panic.

"Aw, don't look at her, sweets," Jake prowled. "Keep your gorgeous eyes on me and I will tell  you everything."

Casie was staring holes of fire into Jake's skin as he probbed and prodded me to play along. I blantanly refused and looked down at my idle hands. Lunched did not seem like such a good idea at the moment.

"What do you think you are doing," Casie's voice rang out in rage. "Huh, Jake? She is a newbie! How dare you do something like that in front of me you ass!"

Jake smiled in pleasure, soaking in every word and radiating it off of his skin. He seemed brighter and more comical that the first moment I met him. I relaxed and sneaked a peek at the fighting couple.

"Casie," he cooed. "How long have you known me?"

"A while."

"Then you should know that you can't treat me however you like," he answered looking back at me. "You see Callalily, I am the advice colomnist on the school paper. People ask me questions and I answer. But I am going to give you some spectacular advice."

I widened my eyes when I heard the next few words.

"Ambrose Carter is not a good friend for you. You will only get hurt."

I digested the facts quickly without chewing and rebuted, "Oh, is he one of those girlfriend abusers?"

Jake looked horrified at my question.

"No, of course not. He would never harm a lady for pleasure. He doesn't mean to hurt them though. He just shows up and they are all over him. If he ever takes a fancy to one, she seems to get hurt. Not physically, not usually. He never puts an inproper hand on a lady if he can avoid it."

"Then," I probbed. "How can he hurt me, if I am unhurtable?"

"Everyone can get hurt," Casie said. "Just trust us, trust your friends, okay? Let him make the first move above all else."

"Why," I aked.

Jake and Casie looked at each other and looked away.

This was a very peculiar beginning to a very peculiar year, I thought.

The End

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