The MindMature

'She had not a thought in her mind,' Henry thought. 'How could that be? everyone has thoughts. She has thoughts. I saw them in her eyes, but I did not hear them. Is my power weakening?'

Henry did not know what to think of the new girl. She was different than most, and reminded him of Her.

What was happening to him?

He scurried through the hallways, hoping no one would stop him as he made his way toward his first class. But dread overfilled him as he had a sudden, inconcivable thought.

Was she going to be in his classes?

He could not handle that unless he closed himself off from everybody, including his best friend, Jake. He could not handle seeing her, knowing that regret and heartbreak were the only emotion that would course through his body and fill him.

There he goes! He is sooooo AH-Mazing!

He's got that whole bad boy attire going. But if we were to date...

Please look at me! Please please please!

Henry zipped past a cluster of girls in the hallway who were gazing at him adoration. He could not stand it. They knew nothing of him or his past and they expected him to chose one of their petty minds.

No, he was only going to chose a mind that was worth reading. A mind that was intellegent in what it said. A mind that he could claim as his.

He hurried into the class room and plopped down in his seat.

Today was not going to be his day.

Just when he thought that, she walked in. Her chestnut hair glowed blonde in the iredecent lights as she sauntered into the classroom. Her eyes found his and stopped not moving foward and not going back.

She was in his class.

Dread covered his demeanor. He turned his head to look away, but he felt her presence in the room.

The teacher sat her next to him, as if not sensing the dread. But her presence assured him.

He still could not read her thoughts though. At one point during the class, she poke him in the arm to prompt him to turn around. He started to, then stopped. She poked him again and he snarled at her. "What?"

He could feel her reaction, she jumped back and looked back down at her paper. "I just wanted to know what page we are on," she whispered as she flipped through her book, helplessly.

Finally, he turned toward her and grabbed her book, yanking the pages to the right one and throwing it back on her desk.

"There," he said, turning back toward the window.

"Thank you," she answered, emotion filling her voice.

Henry softened a bit and turned to glnace at her through the corner of his eye. Her sapphire eyes made him feel like jelly as she caught him looking at her. She smiled and looked down at her book.

"Hey," he whispered.

She glanced at him.

"I'm not a good friend for you. Trust me. I have baggage."

With that, the bell rang and he dashed out of the classroom with out answering any of her questions. But teh final emotion in her face would haunt him the rest of the day.

It was the same emotion Jade had given him the day he asked her to marry him.

'How can I feel so comepletely for a stranger,' he asked himself. 'When I know she is not Her?'

The End

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