Aislinn Callalily Grate only wishes her life to be normal, away from the dream walking and the fire starting. So when her mother and her move to a new house and a new school she cannot help but try to give herself a new image and hopefully a new life.
Ambrose Carter is the mysteriously tall, dark and handsome every girl looks for, but his past is dark and unbelieveable. He hears every thought that passes through ones head and finds it difficult when he finds one girl whose mind he cannot read,


The beautiful blue dress fit her like it was custom made instead of a hand-me-down from her sister. Red splattered it in an unnatural patter as she lay on the homemade wooden floor. Her eyes were wide open and distant.

A tear rolled down Henry’s stoic face as he glared at the scene in open amnesty. How could I have let this happen, he thought.

His eyes rested on the beautiful brunette who lay on the floor. Her life was full ahead of her. Her hopes and aspirations were strong and as beautiful as she was, but some saw her not fit to live another day. And henry believed he knew who.

He vowed to slit the man's throat who had killed his beloved and tear his head off and plant it on a stake for all to see.

An eye for an eye, he thought.

A squeak peirced the dense air as the door swung open behind him. A gasp of an old man sounded as the old man took the scene in slowly.

"What have you done," the man rasped. "What have you done."

Another tear cascaded down Henry's face as he turned toward the girl's father.

"The only thing I am guilty of doing to your daughter, Jade, is loving her,"Henry whispered. "I had some here tonight to see you. To ask you for her hand in the greatest conquest of my existance. But when I arrived, I opened the door to reveal this dreadful scene. I am so sorry for your loss and mine, good sir."

The man lowered his hand to the hilt of his sword.

"If you wish to, stab me in the heart for the closure you need," He said, encouragingly. "I beg thee. Put me out of my misery and make me numb ot the pain I feel now."

The old man drew his sword and started to spin it about in a circular motion of a skilled swordsman. He jumped this way and that as Henry stayed put in his place. The man seemed to be waiting for opposition.

"I will not fight you," Henry said, turning back around to look at Jade's deseases figure. "I cannot. She would damn me to eternity."

He snorted a moment thinking of the contradiction.

Suddenly, a mind numbing pain set in as the blade of the sword peirced his broken heart. he welcomed the friend of sorrow and could not help but to think of his friend, Shakespear's famouse words from his play Romeo and Juliet.

What was the line, he thought. "Oh Happy Daggar!"

This beast has murdered my poor Jade. An he tries to cover it up by saying he loves her.

The thoughts wounded him more than the words the old man spoke.

"What sort of man kills a lady of this kind," the man spat. "what sort of man would murder a lady, knave? Rot in  hell!"

A chuckle resounded through the room. The old man turned his head toward the door, but Henry knew who is was.

"Oh, Little brother," he laughed. "What a sport you have gotten your self stuck in. A sword in the back, finally one has done it."

"You have," Henry choked. "Samule."

"Yes," he said smugly. "I did, didn't I. She was atractive so I say. If you had not tried ot take her, I would have. But no. You had your sights on her so I did what had to be done to protect you."

The old man gasped again and quickly withdrew the sword. Henery crashed to his knees and heavily drank the air in.

"And thou shall realize that your lass there was no good," he stepped toward JAde's father. "If she did not try to seduce my brother, this," he gestured at her body, "would not have happened."

The old man gulped as Henry heaved him self up and launched his body weight at his brother. But Samule moved and let Henry crash into the wall.

Samule tksed. "When will you ever learn, Henry. These are games for the big boys. Not little lads like you. That crown is mine and will always be mine. Father will give it to me. I am the son who gets it. I desreve it. It is my birthright!"

"You are as crazy as they say you are," Henry spat blood out of his mouth. Gathering himself to his feet he launched himself once more at his mad brother.

How could I let him get this way, he asked himself as he latched his arms around his brother's shoulders and pulling him to the ground. How could I let him think he were inferior to me, his younger brother.

A dark chuckle erupted from Samule's chest as he grabbed Henry's arms and tossed him over his shoulders.

"You will never learn."

In the blink of an eye, Samule was behind Jade's father. And just as quickly the a thin red line appeared on the base of the man's neck. Then, red spilled quickly down his clothes.

Henry stared in horror.

"Little brother," Samule tisked. "You should know better. A lot better."

With that, he was gone. Henry was alone.


The End

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