Amadore Six: ReunitedMature

Chapter Six: Reunited

I swore I'd only started running a few seconds ago and here I am. I guess that fight or flight instinct is no joke. The sight that greeted me was similar to Pancarsa, small town, but in a huge open field in the distance I could see huge, white canvas tents. The town itself was booming with activity and it didn't take me long to ask someone about the shipwreck. I was sent to the big tents. Guess that's where their treating the injured. I hope Gale and the captain was okay. I really needed to learn that guys name.

I approached the tented area cautiously. I pulled back a nearby flap and peered in and had to fight back the urge to shout with joy as I saw Gale handing out bowls to various people lying on the floor. She stood up after giving the last in juried person the medicinal soup and immediately spotted me. Gale, apparently, didn't share my restraint. She yelped and raced across, pulling me into her arms and surrounding me with her honey smell.

“What the hell is that?!” Gale shouted as her eyes honed in on something behind me. I turned to see Hunter, he must've following me. I felt myself release a breath I didn't even realise I'd been holding and bent down to pick him up. A small yowl left his mouth when I brushed his left front paw, the one with the white mark on it. I glanced from his curious yellow eyes to her wide, worried chocolate pools.

“His name is Hunter. He found me,” I replied with a small shrug. She muttered something foreign under her breath.

“Only you would find a demon,” She whispered and I tried to shiver from the memory of that guy. I wondered how Hunter had escaped. Though it wasn't without cost. I felt guilty when I looked at his limping leg.

“He's not a demon, he's just a cat,” I said standing up and crossing my arms.

“I sense a demonic energy, and the cat is the source,” Gale replied, mirroring my stance.

“He hasn't tried to hurt me. He's been helping me since he found me,” I said. Feeling Hunter brush against my legs. I knelt down again, beginning to stroke him. Whenever my hand returned to his head I'd feel him nuzzle against it. There was no way this cat was a demon. Odd yes, but not a demon.

“Fine.” Gale huffed - “But if that cat does anything, it's on your hands.” I nodded, accepting those terms.

“The ship's repaired enough for us to go-” I turned to meet the cyan eyes of the captain. He looked different now, no more pirate's hat. And from the looks of it his body and expression wasn't anywhere near as frustrated or intense as it had been when I'd first laid eyes on him. I was glad to see he was more relaxed. And shocked to see me.

“Told you she wasn't dead,” Gale said from behind, a quirky grin forming - “You owe me Captain-boy” Gale continued. With a small sound of annoyance, the captain handed Gale some coins. Wait, what?! I couldn't decide if I should be happy Gale had faith in my survival, or offended that the subject of my life became a mere bet.

“Don't be so annoyed,” The captain said, noting my expression with a small grin. I felt my lips form a pout before pushing the whole thing out of my mind.

“We're going back to sea? What about what happened before?” I asked, trying not to recall the shiver - inducing memories of the storm.

“It won't happen again, we're away from his area of influence,” Gale replied.

“Okay...who is him?” I gave Gale a look that said “Don't you dare lie or hedge this time!”

“Aquarius...He is a very powerful demi-god and for whatever reason, he's taken an interest in getting you,” Gale said. A small laugh left my lips.

“Demi-god? Really? Okay this place is getting just a little bit too far out there,” I said. Gale simply shook her head.

“Deny if you wish. But reality will catch up to you,” Gale stated before following the captain. This world and the word reality just didn't go hand in hand. At least not in my mind. I wonder what Gale and the captain would say about my world. And wasn't there something on my to-do list when I found these two?

“Captain!” I yelled, grabbing his attentions straight away, “What's your name?” I asked

“Grayson” he replied. Finally, no more referring to him as “The Captain” in my head. And another odd name. Guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore by stuff.

It was with relief and mild trepidation that I starred out at the calm waves. Gale had reassured me various times that we were safe now, but everything in my being said we weren't. And I had yet to ask Gale what had happened before during that storm. I don't want to describe it as a spell but I guess that's the most appropriate word. All I can remember was the raw power of it. Ever since then weird things have happened. The strange light and that person within it. No matter how hard I tried to recall their image it eluded me. It was just like my dreams. I knew they was something important in them. But I could never remember what. I'm also supposed to believe demi-gods are real and that one is after me? I just wanted to go below and bury my head deep in my pillow for the rest of the trip.

A disgruntled mew reached my ears and I glanced down at my feet to see an unhappy Hunter. Guess the swaying of the boat didn't agree with him. I bent down and picked him up. I half expected him to jump out of my arms. Usually animals give me a wide berth, i's always assumed it was because they could somehow sense my abilities. Though I've never been able to see a animals aura to this day.

But Hunter never tried to escape my grip. He just snuggled into me, mewing softly as he did. I felt a small smile touch my lips. At least I wasn't completely alone in this unknown wilderness of a world.

The End

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