Amadore Two: Fighting the StormMature

Chapter Two: Fighting the Storm.

Great, I'd been thrown into cold, icy water once today and now it might happen a second time. Just brilliant. As if my life couldn't get worse.

“Captain guy!” I yelled, I ignored the annoyed expressions he shot my way in response, to grab his arm and point out the waves and clouds. He didn't hesitate to run off. His loud, sharp voice rang out as he told various members of the crew to do stuff. I just stood there uselessly until he glanced my way.

“Get below deck and stay with Gale till this is over,” He said. I wanted to argue for some crazy reason but felt my mouth snap shut. What could I do to help? So I headed back to the stairs and stared at all the different doors in confusion, where was she? Luckily she found me, her once clear face lined with worry as she murmured “Don't worry,” and pulled me into what I assume was her room. As she paced back and forth I could hear her muttering away, but it was a language I couldn't hope to understand. I knew when we'd hit the storm because the boat immediately bolted side to side. I was nearly thrown to the floor if it weren't for Gale catching me.

“I didn't expect him to find us so soon.” she whispered to herself, I raised an eyebrow and opened my mouth to ask who “him” was but another boat lurch sent us both crashing to the floor. I tried to get up but the moment I put pressure on my left wrist a yelp of pain left my lips. Yay, hopefully it was just a sprain.

“What's your name?” Gale asked as she took both my hands – not realising one wrist hurt – and placed them on the floor off the boat, covering them with her own. Her face was etched with concentration as she guided my cupped hands over the floor, creating some kind of shape. She was whispering more of that foreign language quickly, the words barely moving the air as they left her lips. Speaking of the air it was beginning to feel different, I could smell something acidic – sulfur?

And my skin was starting to tingle weirdly, my body felt strange. You know when your walking down the stairs in the dark and you think there's one more step than there actually is? You put your foot down to find the floor and for an instant your body is shocked. It was like that only constant.

I could hear thunder now and when I glanced out the small circle window I saw a fork of lightning fly into the ocean depths. It was definitely a lot closer than comfort.

“Answer my question, I need to know your name!” Gale shouted at me, her expression was so serious and seemed to age her whole body by twenty years.

“Kerry Ryan, Why is it so important?!” I replied, raising my voice to be heard over the clouds. Gale shook her head whilst looking me in the eye.

“That's not your name, give me your real one,” She said. I considered telling her she was insane until I remembered something from my dream. The wind had called me something, what had it been? I racked my brain for something, anything. But as always the contents of my dreams were hidden from me.

“You don't know.” It was statement rather than a question. Gale hesitated before continuing, her eyes burning with sadness, sadness for me?

“You don't know, which means you aren't fully ready. And I'm sorry for that, but your the only one who can thwart him for now.” I was getting sick and tired of not knowing who the him guy was, not to mention everything else that's happened so far.

“I promise I'll explain everything, but I need you to focus,” She said. Gripping my hands tighter still.

“What do you mean?” I asked, feeling my hair lift wildly in an internal breeze, where it had appeared from I could only guess. The smell was stronger now, I could taste it vividly on my tongue. The air was so dense you could feel it's breath move and watch light dance through it.

“Focus on your power,” she replied. And I realised that since I'd arrived here I hadn't seen a person aura or witnessed anything upon touch. I did what she said, I tried to see her aura, but it eluded me. It was like trying to swim through honey. When I tried my muscles tensed. I felt like I was holding my breath and if I didn't breath soon I'd collapse. But I had to see something. When everything had gone completely nuts I needed something normal, even if that thing had been completely out of place in my old world. I felt something Snape in place and I saw Gale, really saw her. She was amazing, beautiful, her aura blazed and shimmered like none I'd ever seen, wavering in and out of purple and white. A tinge of blue touching the outskirts and as always a black ring surrounded everything. I'd never thought about the black, everyone has it. I've seen blue, usually it means a person is sad or worried about something. Which considering our current situation made sense. White was a colour I only saw once before. I'd been in hospital, my dad was being checked after he'd been suffering with constant headaches. I wondered through the stark, strange-smelling corridors and found myself at the maturity ward where I watched in both amazement and slight disgust as a baby was born – because hey, birth isn't pretty -. The tiny creature was encircled by pure white, the black barely visible around it. I'd rarely ever seen white touch an aura since then, but with Gale it burned white hot. And the purple, I'd never seen it before. The shade was familiar though, and I checked in the nearby mirror to confirm my suspicion. The same purple as my eyes.

I returned my attention to Gale, she was still murmuring, she was starting to look towards the window a lot, the storm was raging outside, growing more and more violent. I didn't know how we'd escaped been thrown around the ship like rag dolls, I had a distinct feeling we were excluded from the outside world. We were trapped in a bubble of pure magic...wait, magic? Where had that word come from?

“Keep doing whatever it is your doing, I need your power to do this. My ability alone is nowhere near enough to withstand him.” Gale said, her aura was gaining more blue and at the mention of the word him an angry red blazed for a few seconds, fading quickly as more dark blue took over. She was going to be over run with fear and not be able to do whatever it is she's doing if she doesn't calm down. For some reason I didn't bother to think on I concentrated harder on her aura, willing the calm and content yellow to cover the blue. After a while I thought I was being silly but then I felt my body grow weaker and slowly the colour of sunshine added to her aura, the blue disappeared and her aura was brighter, a small smile crept over her lips. She gave me an appreciative look before moving our hands into one final movement, and I realised she drawn a pentagram slowly and then just now circled it. Then I watched as a luminous light lit up the shape, then it spread out, engulfing me and Gale in an unnatural glow. I felt my vision blur, my already weak and ragged body had to give in to the pull of protective sleep Gale spell offered. Gale whispered a prayer of relief before closing her eyes herself. I noticed the violent shifting of the ship had eased into gentle rocking. The storm was over and we were safe. I had nothing to worry about for the time being. Except where I was, what was going on, who this “him” character was and how to get back home and to my possibly dead dad. But the happy buzz of the spell over rid all of that. Telling me to worry about that later. I gave in and my eyes closed. The last thing I saw was the calm waves and sun beaming down through the window.  

The End

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